Ipod demons!!

  rob6663 15:54 21 Jan 2005

i have a major problem, when i transfer any songs to my ipod, it freezes ephpod or any other program i care to use, hangs for a good ten mnutes, thne comes up with 3 error messages "
the drive is not ready for use please ensure disc is insurted and door is shut," , and two other ones about there not being enough space on the drive, which is rubbish as my ipod has been reset so is empty and back to factory settings! any help would really make my day !

  Bob Bob™ 12:37 22 Jan 2005

your pc is not powerful enough for the job. eg USB ports, processors.

  rob6663 18:38 22 Jan 2005

I have an athlon 64 3000+ and 512 ram, surley it has enough beef? my celeron 667 workede for a time? would me buying a 4 pin fire wire cable solve it?

  Bob Bob™ 21:50 27 Jan 2005

But (click here)is very good site.

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