iphone to home cctv

  georgekareson 10:05 04 Mar 2010

Hi all I have a cctv system, they are ip cameras, and they are linked into my NVR and then connected into my network and PC.

Now do I need a static IP address for my router and then set up a channel in my firewall to allow my iphone to connect through and look at my cctv?

if anyone has ANY clue how this works, please PLEASE, tell me
I found some help on this [url=click here]cctv[/url] website but it's actually not helping me with my iphone,

Can anybody else suggest any links to any place that knows how to do it?

  FatboySlim71 21:18 09 Mar 2010

You might get more help if you register and post your question on the Apple forum.

click here

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