iphone 3gs problems

  arminmckidd 12:29 07 Sep 2010

Ok guys i know a bit about pc's but due to my inexperience with mac and therefore iphones, i am having trouble understanding the whole jailbreaking process because I want to jailbreak my current iPhone and I want to have the option to revert to unjailbreak and also keep my UNLOCKED status which is important! and if i jailbreak and decide to revert will it restore the carrier unlock because i dont want to have to pay again for 02 to unlock it again

I have an iPhone 3GS with:
05.13.04 (modern firmware)
MC131B (model)
iOS 4.0.1
Unlocked by 02 (originally 02 locked)

by the way i found this link and im not sure if it would work for me if someone could verify it.
(click here)


  gengiscant 13:47 07 Sep 2010

Same site but instructions also.click here
One tip back up your iphone,then find the backup,should be here:C\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup, copy the file and save it elsewhere as it will get overwritten. Then if you want to revert to your pre-jailbroken phone just copy and paste the file back so it replaces the file that will be there,and restore the phone to the backup.
It will not affect the unlock.

  arminmckidd 14:01 07 Sep 2010

At last a straight answer!
Thank you very much gengiscant!

  arminmckidd 14:09 07 Sep 2010

also when the new OS update (4.1) comes out should i just refrain from updating?

  gengiscant 15:01 07 Sep 2010

I think you will need to google the answer to that question.

  arminmckidd 15:17 07 Sep 2010

thanks gengiscant!

have you personally jailbroken your iphone? just wanted to know.

  arminmckidd 17:38 09 Sep 2010

I have another question guys!
Now that the latest 4.1 is out would it work if I jailbreak my iphone and if i dont like it enough to keep it could i simply install the 4.1 update negating the jailbreak status?

Thanks in advance.

  gengiscant 18:37 09 Sep 2010
  arminmckidd 19:20 09 Sep 2010

thanks gengiscant for the link. Filled in a lot of blanks.

so with this new jailbreaking technique, do all the problems that came with the old technique apply? such as the danger of the phone being bricked and others?

thanks again!

  gengiscant 08:27 10 Sep 2010

Once you have jailbroken your phone do not update it, make sure,as I said earlier,to backup your phone,copy and save the backup somewhere,else it will be overwritten.

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