ipconfig/all lease expires ?

  woofwoofbark 22:50 18 Mar 2006

Windows XP Home
Trust Speedlink 445A modem/router

Hi , I have recently bought a router with built in modem and have connected to the comp through ethernet cable .... Im online and everything is fine ....except.... when I use dcplusplus ( file share program ) with a dynamic client updater , DynDNS Updater , my downloads/uploads are thrown offline , I was checking the net for solutions and found a thread to check my ipconfig through start>run>cmd then ipconfig/all I have noticed that there is a lease start & end i.e.:-

Lease obtianed 18th March 2006 22:29:23
Lease expires 18th March 2006 22:29:23

it seems that rebooting the comp and the dynamic apdater seems to give me another 24 hours when the elapsed 24 hours have expired .... I have tried to add manually an IP addy through control panel>network connections>LAN properties>internet protocol properties where i add an IP and also fill the subnet mask and defualt gateway ( founf these through command prompt ipconfig ..... when i manually add the ip and save I can connect to the net no problems but i cant use dcplusplus (people can download from me but I cant download from them , i get connection timeout ) plus my DynDNS updater doesnt update my IP even if I force update ....

basicly what does lease obtained and lease expires all about ??? and is there a way to fix it ??

hope someone can help

many thanks


  woofwoofbark 22:57 18 Mar 2006


Lease obtianed 18th March 2006 22:29:23
Lease expires 19th March 2006 22:29:23

  mgmcc 08:42 19 Mar 2006

The DHCP server allocates addresses with a lease that expires after a period of time. In practice the lease will be renewed before it expires and you won't be aware of anything. Forget about it.

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