Ipconfig question

  aca 18:00 17 Apr 2006

Trying to fix a ICS issue across LAN (see my other post)

When I run IPCONFIG /ALL on the Client PC it shows the name of the Client PC against Host

Host : Jacobc

Shouldn't it have the name of the actual host pc? If yes how do i change this?


  Aargh 18:25 17 Apr 2006

Depends what you've called the PC in Windows.

Your PC has a description ie 'Pentium 4 Computer' and a name ie 'Fred' set up in Windows - you will have added the computers by name to your work group when you used the network wizard?

Right click on 'My Computer' and select properties. Open the computer name tab to see what XP thinks your computer is called.You can change it from there.

  aca 18:35 17 Apr 2006

sorry didnt explain very well. both PCs on LAN have different unique name aleady. Problem is that it appears that the Client PC "thinks" that it is the IP Host.

When Ipconfig run on ea machine they both come up as the host pc with their PC name

  Aargh 18:54 17 Apr 2006

Each pc should give their own name as Host (it should be the same as their Windows names)when you use ipconfig/all.One pc won't show the other as host.

Or are you saying they BOTH give the same name?

Each PC is 'Host' for its own particular connection. Each has its own IP & mac address. As long as the router can identify each PC separately I'm not sure you have a problem.

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