IPAQ PDA and Tom Tom

  ranj 17:51 17 Aug 2005


I am from the UK and I have just recently purchased a HP4150 off ebay.co.uk, and the seller has included some TOM TOM software which he brought separtely when he brought the unit. The problem is he could not give me the rest of the equipment because his car was stolen and his navigation equipment minus his pda were still in there.

So I have brought this and am unsure if I can do anything with this navigation software. I have mainly purchased it because of the PDA, but having the navigation system would be a bonus if it will be very cheap to setup.

Basically what i would like to know is what other things do I need to get this TOM TOM up and running, I have been looking on ebay and have come across this GPS receiver for TOM TOM

it is at :

click here

From what it says on here, all i need is this device and software (which i already have) and i should be up and running.

Is this correct. How do i know if this GPS receiver is any good. What things do i need to look for in this GPS device. I have seen bluetooth GPS devices, are these better?

If anyone could point me in the right direction i would be very grateful or if anyone knows any good web sites which answer this questions or a beginners guide to tom tom would be excellent

Much appreciated.

  bazb 18:26 17 Aug 2005

Have a look at this site click here lots of info on tomtom.
Tomtom site click here, also for equipment click here.

Good luck

  Rogerfredo 18:26 17 Aug 2005

All you need is a suitable GPS "antenna/reciever" and cable suitable for connecting to your PDA.
If you get a wired system (as opposed to Bluetooth), you can keep your PDA charged whilst in operation. You also don't need batteries for the antenna/receiver.
I suggest you look at Pocket GPS World or Total PDA, both of whom could set you up for about £60.

  ranj 19:08 17 Aug 2005

thanks guys, this has helped me a lot.

This is a question for bazb

if you go to handtec site. then on left hand side and then go to wired gps systems.

they have a ThinkNAVI PDA GPS Speaker Cradle on there for £74.99.

I think that will do everything i want it to do in one easy solution. could you advise me if you could recommend that to me, or is it a bad buy.

i think that solution would be ideal, as its all on the cradle.

thanks again.

  bazb 20:03 17 Aug 2005

Hi ranj

it looks ok, but I can't recommend it as I have never used this bit of equipment, as I said before it looks ok, I use a bluetooth device, and I can certainly recommend Tomtom.

You could go to Pocket GPS world forum and ask for their advice on the equipment.

  pharte 21:47 17 Aug 2005

do a search for holux on ebay, match your ipaq model up to one of the mounts which have a built in gps reciever and bobs your uncle.
I have one and once configured with the pda they're great, they charge, hold and recieve all in one.
expect to pay £80.00 but more practical than the bluetooth setup as long as you only intend to use it in a car, oh and easily switched from car to car as well
click here

  Phphred 23:07 17 Aug 2005

Phone this site and chat, they are pretty helpful

click here

  Phphred 23:11 17 Aug 2005

click here

I aint got a clue how that other URL got in Try this one

  Rogerfredo 13:34 21 Aug 2005

Just one point about the cradles with built in antenna - you have to position them for best reception, which may not be the best place for viewing.
I have a Toyota Avensis and find that the ideal is to have a magnetic based antenna in the centre as close to the windscreen as possible, with the PDA on the central (handbrake) console.
This is not very clever from the point of view of seeing the screen in bright daylight, but I found that the voice instructions are more than adequate, and if clarification were needed, my co-driver (wife) could access the pda from there.
Also, most of the cables are confined within the console which is near to the power connection.
When I did try the cradle supplied with my set-up, I was not too impressed with the security of the pda.

  ranj 16:04 21 Aug 2005

I would like to thank everyone who has posted in the post i created, this has really made me understand more of how it works.

I have decided that i want the wired route, as i would hate to keep changing the batteries in the bluetooth one and i like the idea where these wired ones can charge 2 things at the same time.

the two i particularly like are


click here


click here

does anyone have either of these, and if so would they recommend one over the other.

thanks ozzyOS for pointing that important point out for me about the need to position the wired ones with built in antennas. I am happy as long as i can hear the directions, too be honest i probably need to concentrate more on my driving than looking at the screen. I dont want to be causing any accidents.

but thanks for that.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

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