IP4600 Printer problems

  Chas49 14:24 02 May 2009

Having botched a CISS installation for my Canon IP4600 I decided to revert back to cartridges, but not genuine cartridges – oh no – I had to go for compatibles! They duly arrived and I fitted them – no problem doing that. Did a test page – just faint black and no colours. Since then I have run the cleaning routine provided in the software several times and also the deep clean on all colours – it did print, very weakly, magenta and cyan.

I’ve now decided first to ask if anyone has any idea on what the trouble is – looks like blocked jets but doesn’t respond to cleaning – or is it the ink. If the latter then I’m afraid the printer will be ‘stored’ or disposed of in some way as it is like pouring money down the drain! You can gather that my mood is not good!

  Clapton is God 15:46 02 May 2009

I believe that the iP4600 requires chipped cartridges.

Are your compatibles chipped?

  Chas49 16:36 02 May 2009

Clapton is God

Yes they are. The red lights on each cartridge is lit and steady - showing that the ink level is OK at least.

  chub_tor 17:19 02 May 2009

The print head on the ip4600 is removable. Have you taking it out and standing it in a dish of warm distilled water for a few hours and then gently blotting it? Avoid getting the contacts wet. Have a look at click here for other folds who have had this problem.

  Chas49 17:45 02 May 2009


"Folds"? - er- "Fools"?. I'd agree with that for indeed I was a fool to have bought an inkjet in the first place - a fool to have bought a CISS and finally a fool to have bought compatibles. Clearly I have managed to cream cracker it and I'm not fool enough to spend another penny on it. Into "Storage" with it - life's too short!

  Chas49 09:59 03 May 2009


I said that I was in a bad mood - I didn't realise at the time just how bad!. I must apologise for misreading your typo "folds" - you meant folks of course.

However, my words were correct - I was a fool to have bought the printer, knowing from past experience that they are a money pit - the convenience does not warrant the cost - certainly not in these days! I really should have known better - hence, where this purchase is concerned I did act foolishly. To continue spending on it would be even more so.

Merely from curiosity now I'll give your suggestion a go - what I have to lose if it fails and who knows, it may be successful - in which case I could attempt to sell it.

Again, apologies.

  Chas49 14:36 03 May 2009


Well, I tried your idea it did improve it slightly. However,I noticed that the light was flashing on the Big Black cartridge - meaning of course that it was nearing the empty mark. Sure enough when I removed it it was indeed empty. I'd only fitted it the day before so assumed that the several tests I had run had done this.

As I had spent far too much already on this printer and had no intention of throwing good money after bad I have disposed of the printer (and good riddance)!

I would like to thank both you and 'Clapton is God' for trying to assist me but, as I said, life is too short to waste trying to retrieve the irretrievable!

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