IP webcam for scenic views

  nicktoeman 23:03 05 Dec 2005

I recently set up a web site for a holiday property 300 miles from where I live; it has stunning sea views that I would like to make available via the web. As the site is mainly unattended there should be no PC on site (power cuts are not unknown).
I might implement the system in stages, using a simple and inexpensive solution initially and improving it later. So I could start with taking shots at intervals during the day from a low-cost IP webcam through a window and progress to an externally-mounted, live, interactive, PTZ, wireless, environmentally-shielded installation if justified. Probably I would like to start with an internal, wired, fixed focus, moderately priced system. The location is served by a phone line but is in a broadband exchange area and I would consider upgrading.
Most IP webcams I have found are intended for security applications so many have PIR detection and audio that I don’t require and are probably intended to focus over a few metres only. Can anyone suggest solutions, equipment or websites that would help me?

  absent 23:21 05 Dec 2005

I think you may be unable to do this without a PC, my opinion but bumps your post.

  nicktoeman 10:09 06 Dec 2005

I'm sure it can be done without a PC. As I understand it there are IP webcams that can connect (often by wireless link) to a router and have a built webserver function. As I say, I'm not sure how satisfactory most will be for "scenic" as opposed to "security" applications. I was hoping others may have knowledge of suitable cameras (hopefully not just top-of-the-range products)and other advice on similar setups (e.g. some cameras are apparently difficult to set up with different brand routers). Any advice is welcome.

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