ip problem?

  mgblugs 19:04 27 Aug 2008

A couple of years ago I installed an ip camera in my fathers shop.
After a year or so I noticed that he didn't use his internet connection so I advised him to cancel it and use mine instead, which is within wireless range.

The camera is a wired ethernet type so I obtained a wireless ethernet bridge to connect it to my network.

I can access the camera fine from any computer on the network but If I try to access it from an external pc (over the net) I get put to the home page of bridge!

The bridge is configured for infrastructure mode and not ad-hoc.


I have various ports open the router

  L8-tian 00:21 28 Aug 2008

Hi mgblugs,
As i understand you are not able to access the camera from outside(via internet).I just wanted to know when you tries to access the network camera via internet, what is the ip address you are using to view the camera?

  recap 13:35 28 Aug 2008

I think what L8-tian is meaining is that the IP address should be the one provided by your ISP and not you intranet one, for example not the of your bridge.

  L8-tian 16:38 28 Aug 2008

you are correct recap!!!!!!!
mgblugs,try with the ip address provided by your ISP(WAN ip address on the router).

--The network information provided is not sufficient.
please give the model number of the router,bridge and name of the camera.Also mention what are the port numbers opened on the router.
So that i can provide more informations about this issue.

  mgblugs 17:31 28 Aug 2008

Good evening all.

My knowledge of networking issues is limited but the url is (I'll omit the full url for now because I'm not sure of the security issues) http://********.viewnetcam.com

This is the same url as it's always had.
I've uploaded some screenshots. I hope they work!

router: click here
bridge: click here
camera:click here

  mgblugs 17:58 28 Aug 2008

Sorry forgot to add the ports.

Number 2 & 8 on the list are the ones relating to the camera.
click here

  brundle 22:39 28 Aug 2008

mgblugs must be using the public IP address of the machine not the bridge address, otherwise he wouldn't get to the router from an external PC in the first place. 192.168- is a private address range and no internet-facing connection is allowed to use it.

Can you post a screenshot of the router's Attached Devices page?

  brundle 22:42 28 Aug 2008

Does your router have a Static Route page, lower down the list shown in your screenshot?

  mgblugs 13:12 29 Aug 2008

Attached devices:click here
When I open the attached devices screen there is only the ip for the laptop that I'm using displayed. It's not until I refresh then the bridge and camera appear.

There is a static route page on the router but I haven't made any entries on it.

  brundle 12:50 30 Aug 2008

Just to clarify - when you say you can access the camera from the LAN but not the internet, do you mean the configuration interface as shown in your camera screenshot, or the page that's displayed at your hidden link?
Also, what is Default Gateway set to on the camera?

  mgblugs 13:25 30 Aug 2008

This is the network configuration of the camera.click here

Ok, here goes. The url is click here
I think you'll find it'll take you to the Belkin bridge.
On the lan if I go to It'll take me to the camera front page and then I can navigate tto any of the camera menus.
Hope this answers your query.

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