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  [email protected] 16:54 29 Oct 2005

I am a bit confused about IP address [IP = Internet Protocol]?
A PC has to have an IP address to be on the net. Presumably it has no address when it is new and out of the box, the IP ID is configured either manually or automatically when the net connection is configured with info provided by the ISP. This ID is your "postal address" so other net users can link to you [auto updates etc, i/c email etc]. Now the mystery. If you use a router/wifi box provided by your ISP, do you have to configure the box IP settings to your PC IP settings or the other way around? Or are IP settings relative to your telephone line number and will remain the same regardless of an ISP change! And if you network 2 PC's [wifi ad hoc] do they have to have the same IP settings; presumably yes if they share the same router/wifi box but not necessarily if they just network with each other.
Sorry if some of this sounds a bit dumb but I have to go back to square 1 with my unsuccessful attempts to set up my PC's wifi link to my router.
Be gentle ;-)

  Forum Editor 17:20 29 Oct 2005

your ISP will assign an IP address dynamically - that is, you'll have a different IP address each time you connect. That isn't strictly true, because sometimes some ISPs assign IP addresses to broadband customers on a 'lease' basis, whereby you have the same IP address for a period - a couple of weeks or months. To all intents and purposes you can ignore that, and assume you have a different one every time you connect. The purpose of the address is to identify your computer uniquely for that session, and each time you hit a website the server logs your arrival, and your IP address.

This information can be useful, and your dynamically-assigned adddresses are archived by your ISP, and may be used by the Police to track you down if you are suspected of criminal activities.

If your computer is behind a router then the router will get the assigned IP address, and it in turn will allocate addresses to all machines to which it's networked. These addresses will be invisible to the internet side of the router - all computers will appear to be coming from the same address as far as server logs are concerned.

  [email protected] 17:26 29 Oct 2005

Thanks FE, that has cleared up the mystery. I am glad you mentioned the "lease" information because when I look at my IP config is MS-DOS, I see that my "lease" is only 10 minutes! Do I have any control over that setting?

  [email protected] 17:27 29 Oct 2005

Sorry, just re-read and digested your reply. Thanks again.

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