IP Addresses

  NSBT 20:13 04 Jan 2008


I have Blue yonder BB, do I have static IP address and if so, does this mean I always have the same IP address?

  Devil Fish 20:16 04 Jan 2008

you will have a dynamic ip which will change each time you connect

however if you have a router that is always on you will retain the same ip address until you turn off or reboot the router

  MAJ 20:19 04 Jan 2008

A static IP Address means that it always stays the same, A Dynamic IP Adress (which most users have unless they've paid for a Static IP Address) changes when you log off from your account. I don't use BYonder so can't be sure if they offer one as a matter of course.

  NSBT 20:23 04 Jan 2008

OK, I’m having problems with a forum I was registered with.

I have been banned because the mods claim 2 further accounts have been created from “My IP address”

Now, I have only ever created the one account, how can someone create a forum account using “My IP address”

I’m confused by the whole god dam thing.

  Devil Fish 20:30 04 Jan 2008

a dynamic ip comes from a pool of ip addresses so it is therefore feasible that another blueyonder user could have been allocated that ip address at some stage and created an account on the same forum

i would say the likely hood of that happening twice is low but not impossible

  Devil Fish 20:33 04 Jan 2008

other possibilities include

if you share a house someone else in the house could have registered on the forum

another possibility is your machine could be being used as a proxy by outside influences if your security is not up to date

  NSBT 20:34 04 Jan 2008

OK Devil

Thank you for your explanation and time, I miffed as to how this has happened, could my user name of the forum have been high jacked?

I can't really understand it at all.

  NSBT 22:45 04 Jan 2008

This is where I’m getting confused, if my IP address changes each time I switch my comp off, how come once I log on, and visit the forum I get a message saying I’m banned, surely if I’m supposed to have a different IP each time, how come I get that message.

  Devil Fish 22:47 04 Jan 2008

do you turn your modem off if not you are retaining the same adress

  NSBT 23:00 04 Jan 2008

Hi Devil

Please bear with me, as I find all this technical stuff confusing.

OK, I have a Belkin (I think it's a router, which I unplug when I switch my computer off.

  Devil Fish 23:20 04 Jan 2008

does your belkin attach directly to to the cable coming into the building (the White one ) or is their another box either white or black that attaches to the cable and the either a grey /blueor red cable running from that to the belkin

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