IP addresses

  manrow 20:47 11 Sep 2007

My broadband connector goes to my router. There are at least 4 computers using the router through wireless, so do they all give out the same IP address, that of the router?

If I plug my broadband connection directly into my laptop will the IP address change to that of the laptop? Or is it generated by my ISP regardless of how the connection is used, through router or otherwise?

  brundle 20:52 11 Sep 2007

Correct on both counts. The router uses NAT; click here

  Devil Fish 20:53 11 Sep 2007

your router will only give out 1 ip adress on the internet (the one supplied by your isp)

it will then allocate a private ip adress to each pc/laptop on your network via dhcp providing you have your router firewall set up these pcs will be totally invisible to the internet

  manrow 20:58 11 Sep 2007

Thank you brundle for the very quick response!

You say correct on both counts but I asked 3 questions!

So let me ask another way, after reading your reply.

Any computer operating through router whether cable connect or wireless gives out the same IP.

If I connect my broadband lead direct to any of my computers, (NOT through router) then they will give out their own IP addresses?

  brundle 21:01 11 Sep 2007

Well, all three then. As Devil Fish says, your machines are `invisible` when connected to the router, which assumes the IP address that would be allocated to a single PC. Connecting a laptop directly may result in a change of IP address as the ISP and your machine negotiate a connection, but essentially the laptop is handed an IP address in the same way the router is/was. And thirdly, yes.

  manrow 15:53 12 Sep 2007

While googling for more information, I came across several sites offering apparently free software to hide the IP. I take it the IP is provided for s good reason so what will happen if I use my computer with the IP withheld?

  silverous 16:02 12 Sep 2007

I'm not sure which sites you've found but your IP is your IP and not really hidden. They are probably proxy services but your IP would be visible to them at least. Any time your computer communicates with another (or a device inbetween it and another) its IP (or that of the device it is connecting through) has to be delivered to the other side.

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