IP address of my pc when connected

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am currently trying to experiment with FTP and web server on my pc so that I can allow a friend to downlowd large files (nothing illegal - photoshop native files are too large for his email system).

What I need to know is how do I locate the IP address of my machine when it is online - I seem to recall that it is easy to find when you know where to look. Am using broadband connection - not too sure if that makes a difference - I know it does when using dial in modems as the IP address is dynamic (is that right? and changed everytime I logged on)

May to to come back for some more advice at a later date when I get the inevitable problems

Thanks in anticipation

Only needed to look at zonealarm alerts but

the form is

xx.xxx.xx.xx then there is a further 3/4/5 didits shown in the list that change - not too sure what the last number represents

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:25 24 Jan 2004

Generally, unless you have a fixed IP address, the numbers will be different each time. Go to start-run and type cmd, at the dos box type ipconfig and hit enter. It will show your IP and subnet. ;-)))


  alB 10:25 24 Jan 2004

Depending on your o/s try.. start/run, type winipcfg and click OK

  AndyJ 10:27 24 Jan 2004

Represents the Port number

  Double Helix 10:27 24 Jan 2004

hil: try this if you are not using a router:

At command prompt type IPCONFIG /ALL this should give you all of the information you require for this.

If using Win9x type WINIPCFG and it gives you the same except its in a gui box.

Or anything just

click here

with its annoying pop ups

  Double Helix 10:28 24 Jan 2004

Note to self - REFRESH!!!!

Many thanks - knew it would be simple -

  Gemma 10:30 24 Jan 2004

Open a command prompt (aka DOS box) and type ipconfig /all. The IP address will be shown. If you are on broadband it is likely that it will be fixed. Your ISP paperwork / site should tell you how your IP address is managed.
If you are using a router, the IP shown is determined by the router. To find the actual IP, use the software (usually IExplorer) to ask the device.

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