IP address missing after loading XP

  london69 08:59 16 Mar 2009

I have an old Tiny computer to which I loaded XP. Loading XP seems to change some settings on the computer but I'm not sure what. I tried to load my BT internet but am unable to because a 'wireless connection or ethernet connection' cannot be detected. I used the computers restore pack, (which I have used many times before), and loaded Windows Me again. I am still unable to load the BT Internet package. On delving deeper the IP address is set to which I don't think is right. My BT Internet connection worked OK before I loaded XP.
Can anyone help please.


  ambra4 09:09 16 Mar 2009

“Because a 'wireless connection or Ethernet connection' cannot be detected”

Have you installed the correct XP drivers for the Wireless and LAN card?

“I am still unable to load the BT Internet package”

There is no need to install BT Internet package if connecting via the Lan card port

You only install BT Internet package if you connecting via a USB modem

  howard64 09:11 16 Mar 2009

you might need to find a driver for your connection device. I have an old tiny pc and it had an old dial up modem and for some reason the restore disks did not include the driver for it. I used siw to find what the modem was and downloaded via a friends pc the driver for it.

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