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  Deb2008 12:08 21 Jan 2008

Is it possible to discover the location of a PC?

I've tried several IP address locator websites and have been advised that the IP region is: Bolton, Suffolk (both in the UK) and Amsterdam.


  DieSse 12:45 21 Jan 2008

"Is it possible to discover the location of a PC"

Only if you have access to the ISPs database of who was allocated that IP at that particular time. And you won't get access to that database.

Why do you want to do this - there may be a different kind of solution to your problem.

  tullie 13:15 21 Jan 2008

Is there a problem?

  Deb2008 13:36 21 Jan 2008

Just trying to see if some correspondence has actually been sent by the person who has put their name to it. They person who is supposed to have sent it is in the States but their IP address comes up as either Amsterdam, Suffolk and Bolton!


  DieSse 13:45 21 Jan 2008

If it's been sent by email - is there an ISPs name in their address - or is it just generic, like hotmail?

  Deb2008 14:08 21 Jan 2008

Sorry - not sure what you mean. The IP address comes up as a series of numbers. I've then used these number to perform a series on a few websites.

  DieSse 15:24 21 Jan 2008

I assumed they would have sent correspondence via email?

If so, via what email service?

Where did you actually get an IP address from?

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