IP Address - How Can I Hide It Please?

  AlanRLong50 13:01 08 Apr 2007

Hello and good afternoon.I've been reading various posts about the pros and cons of software that can hide an IP address. I've also noticed several software solutions which purport to hide it. I would like an up-to-date suggestion please as to what software, preferably in the UK, is useful to hide my IP address. My reason for doing so is that for reasons beyond me, I keep getting an invoice for services I've never had, or registered for. I have asked the senders to provide me with my full name, address, phone numbers, credit card numbers etc but they don't respond. (I've had a right go at them today and will be reporting their actions to the Police, Trading Standards & a local Leeds newspaper on Tuesday.) I feel that in order for them to go away, I would for a while temporarily like to hide my IP address as this is the only thing they use to contact me.If there is any software that is up to the job, would you please be kind enough to let me know. I thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you again.

  MAJ 13:04 08 Apr 2007

How do they contact you using your IP address? Do you mean your email address?

  thms 13:18 08 Apr 2007

If you received this in your e-mail it is probably a scam. I have received a few of these and just delete them. It is a way of conning you out of your bank details.

  MAJ 13:31 08 Apr 2007

And if they are coming through via email, by responding to the email you have only confirmed that your email address is 'live', so you'll be getting more of them. Telling the Police, Strading Standards, or papers will do no good as they're probably not even being sent from the UK.
If they are coming from the same email address all the time, set up a message rule in your email client to delete them from the server.

  Kate B 13:44 08 Apr 2007

You can't identify an individual via an IP address. ISPs have a range of IPs which they allocate to users. The only thing an IP can do is identify who your ISP is and roughly - very roughly - where you are. An ISP could, if required by, say, a court order, identify which IP address you'd been allocated at a given time, but that information is confidential and your ISP wouldn't disclose it routinely.

Tell us more about who you're getting bills from - is it the insidious MBS? click here

  bremner 14:06 08 Apr 2007

A users IP address is included in the header of an email they send so can be identified, it is this that many anonymiser services "hide" by stripping the original header information.

But as has been said the majority of users have dynamic IP addresses and they will be liable to change - although this is not a absolute certainty.

In any event even if 'they' have your IP address that will not permit them to contact you - as the others have said they are contacting you by email and it is probably a scam. My wife receives similar spam emails on a regular basis, they are ignored and deleted.

  Kate B 14:08 08 Apr 2007

See my remark above: an IP address, taken from an email header, can only very broadly identify who your IP is and roughly where you are.

  bremner 14:21 08 Apr 2007

I agree, my point was that an IP address can be obtained from an email header.

Armed with an IP address a directed attack could be implemented against a computer. However in this case that is almost certainly not the case, it is just a spam email.

  Fingees 15:02 08 Apr 2007

It depends if it's a static IP.

Most change whenever you connect.

  AlanRLong50 22:13 08 Apr 2007

I have today sent 100 emails to MBS in Leeds as a direct result of them leaving their email address.Although I have had no response today from all my complaints, I have asked them to confirm my full name, address, bank details, passwords and what it is I have ordered. I want a proper headed invoice, their VAT number, who their Chartered Accountants are and a copy of the Distance Selling Regulations. Needless to say I am not paying, will never pay and they can't do much because they don't have my name or address. I have been reading the article with great interest though. I will be going to the Police on Tuesday, calling Trading STandards in Leeds on Tuesday as well as a local newspaper. I am going to treat them the same way they treat me. Like dirt. I will not idly sit by and let some hapless individual tell me I owe money without proof. As they cannot tell me who I am, nor where I live, the army adage of 'non name, no pack drill' applies. Thank you all very much for your kind help.

  bremner 22:53 08 Apr 2007

This appears to be a civil matter so do not be surprisd if the police only tell you to seek advice form the CAB or a solicitor

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