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  snoopygirl 16:20 25 Mar 2008

hi i was playing bingo on a website yesterday i took me off because i was telling a friend about other bingo sites they have blocked my ip address can they do that can you help please

  snoopygirl 21:14 25 Mar 2008


  skidzy 21:21 25 Mar 2008

Where you in the onsite chat room ?

If so, i reckon they maybe well within there rights to ban/block you.

Normally a warning is enough by email.

  snoopygirl 21:41 25 Mar 2008

i was in the chat room i didnt get a warning they probaly are in there rights is there any think i could do to get a new ip address thanks

  ACOLYTE 21:54 25 Mar 2008

If your ip address is fixed maybe not if it isnt then it should change every reboot in theory.Its hard to block one indivdual IP address usually they block an entire IP range but that can block everyone not just the person they want to block.I cant see why they would block your IP address for just talking about other sites it sounds rather stupid to me.

Having said that if a site had blocked me for just talking about another site i would not even be bothered going back,petty sites like those IMO are not worth bothering about.
Take your custom elsewhere there loss not yours.

  snoopygirl 22:01 25 Mar 2008

acolyte is there any think i could do all my mates go on there they have blocked my ip address then i dont rester again help needed if possible thanks

  ACOLYTE 22:06 25 Mar 2008

How do you know they have blocked your IP address?

  ACOLYTE 22:07 25 Mar 2008

Opps, sorry about that it posted before had done,

as i was saying maybe they banned your account not your IP.

  snoopygirl 22:11 25 Mar 2008

wheni try rester it tells me

  ACOLYTE 22:26 25 Mar 2008

In theory if you connect through a router you can log into the router control panel, change your mac address, and then disconnect/reconnect using your router control panel. Your isp will usually refresh your ip i am not 100% sure this would work
as i have never done it.
Or you could try somthing like this click here but it costs money.

  ACOLYTE 22:32 25 Mar 2008


You could maybe use a firewall to block your IP address from showing online,i know the old Sygate firewall pro had this feature for anonymous surfing not sure about the new ones.It could also block other sites from working as well so you have to balance the pro's and con's.

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