IP address

  Saintsman 11:23 06 Aug 2009

If several PCs access a router, do they all have the same IP address?

If they do, how would you identify which PC had sent anything?

Many thanks.

  Ashrich 11:39 06 Aug 2009

All PC's should have a different IP address locally , this will be allocated by the router .


  brundle 11:42 06 Aug 2009

As far as your ISP is concerned you have one IP address, that of the router itself. The router hands out IP addresses to your connected computers and hides them from internet. It keeps track of all the "conversations" performed in TCP/IP and routes the traffic to and from the correct computer - it's called Network Address Translation ( click here ) - what are you interested in identifying?

  Saintsman 11:50 06 Aug 2009

Thanks guys.

I wanted to know because I wished to register on a site that only allowed one IP address per home address and there are more than one of us who wanted to register.

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