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  Molly_Don 05:47 10 Apr 2009

How often does an IP address change?

Basically, I’m a member of a regular forum, a personal issue has arisen that requires some of the experts advice, problem is I don’t want to post under my regular username so I thought of registering under a new user name, using my OH email address, but it’s bothering me in case my regular IP shows up my true username to any admin of the site.

If I rebooted before registering would that give me a new I.P?

  birdface 07:37 10 Apr 2009

I would imagine the IP address would not change.I have 2 usernames that I can use on here.Because of a bad memory I thought that if I forgot one I would remember the other.But normally stick to this one.
Looking at my profile on here there would be nothing to say that I was the same person.
Now I am not really sure that the FE will let you continue with the thread because of the lack of response as to why you want to change or add a new username to whichever forum that you want to use.
As you have probably noticed that there has been a lot of spammers on here lately so maybe they can check their details to have them removed.Whether they can check yours or not I am not sure but probably.

  Pineman100 11:55 10 Apr 2009

As I understand it, unless you've specifically asked to be allocated a fixed IP address, then you'll have a Dynamic IP Address - meaning it will change whenever you connect to the internet.

  Quiller. 12:01 10 Apr 2009

If you have a router and a dynamic IP address. Switch off the router and disconnect the telephone jack for a few seconds.

Plug everything back in, the settings are stored and you will have a new allocated IP address.

You can test this by using click here before and after trying for a modem or router.

  Molly_Don 14:34 10 Apr 2009

Thank you all for the advice

BSOD I tried your advice, it still shows the same IP.

  T0SH 18:56 10 Apr 2009

Your IP status depends on where you are in the world and the type of broadband connection you have

If you live in the UK

And use ADSL then your IP will be dynamic which means it will change each time you disconnect/reconnect your router

And use a cable connection your IP will likely be fixed so you would need to contact your ISP and ask them to change your IP address

Elsewhere in the world the situation varies so ask your ISP

Cheers HC

  Molly_Don 05:35 11 Apr 2009

hi tosh

I live in the UK, I've no idea about computers so when you say

use ADSL then your IP will be dynamic which means it will change each time you disconnect/reconnect your router

Do you mean wireless or dial up?

I'm on wireless, I done as BSOD posts above but my IP stayed the same.

  Quiller. 11:47 11 Apr 2009

Here is how you determine if you have a static or dynamic address.

start . control panel > network connections > right click wireless network > properties > highlight internet protocol tcp/ip> properties.

Does it have a tick in

obtain an IP address automatically ( this is dynamic ) and you can change.


Use the following IP address. ( this is static) and you cannot change

If you are dynamic, switch off te router for a couple of hours or overnight and then check IP address's.

  Quiller. 11:49 11 Apr 2009

"And use ADSL then your IP will be dynamic which means it will change each time you disconnect/reconnect your router "

You can get static IP address accounts on adsl.

  Molly_Don 15:33 11 Apr 2009


Thanks for your help, this is what's showing

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

I don't want to confuse anyone I'm confused enough not understanding anything to do with computers, can you see the image below it says I'm not connected to the internet, but I am,

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

That image has been like that for ages.

  Molly_Don 15:42 11 Apr 2009

I forgot to add this is the other image for my network connection if it makes any sense

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

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