Tk_RiceZ 11:36 06 Sep 2003

does anyone know the command line for obtaining the computers IP address for windows XP pro??

  WaiKent 11:37 06 Sep 2003

ipconfig should work in command prompt

  krypt1c 11:42 06 Sep 2003

If you gointo start > programs > accessories > command prompt you'll open the dos window. Try keying ipconfig

  WaiKent 11:51 06 Sep 2003

isnt that what i just said?

  Tk_RiceZ 12:49 06 Sep 2003

no it don't work, a screen just pops up and then dissapears instantly, anyone else got any clue?

  tbh72 13:03 06 Sep 2003

you could try winipcfg.exe from the run command

  Tk_RiceZ 13:07 06 Sep 2003

nope that don't work either, anyone else want to try??????????

  muppetmark 13:10 06 Sep 2003

Start > run >cmd >ipconfig perhaps, sounds to me as if you are not opening the command prompt window

  tbh72 13:13 06 Sep 2003

WNTIPCFG.EXE run this from the command line, I am not familiar with XP but one would assume you would have to be logged in as the administrator in order to action this command.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:16 06 Sep 2003

Might be on here but i dont know only glanced at it. click here


  krypt1c 13:28 06 Sep 2003

OK. Try this one click here

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