Ion IPTUSB Portable Turntable

  Ankermi31 14:35 08 Mar 2008

Windows XP SP2.

I have just been reading about the above in May (yes May!) 2008 editon and it seems pretty straightforward I have a large number of old 33/45 vinyls which it would be great to listen to once more.

I have no idea about Ipods and MP3 files (to be honest no idea what they are!!) The article says "It produces excellent quality MP3 files .... "

I take it that this means when I copy the old vinyls MP3 files are automatically created and will play on ITunes which I already use.

Many thanks Ankermi

  2bathred 15:22 08 Mar 2008

I have one of these. I thought I would use it to transfer all my vinyl, unfortunately it is a very time comsuming and hands on way of preserving the good music of yesteryear. With the simple software provided you have to make all the breaks between tracks manually or you end up with one very long track. If you want to record both sides of an LP you have to be nimble and whip the disc over pretty quickly or end up with 30-40 second blank tracks.To date I've done only 2 LP's. If you have upwards of 500, like me, that can mean about 400 hours work.
Good luck I'm sure it will be worthwhile for rare and no longer obtainable tracks but it's easier to buy a CD as they are so cheap these days.

  Totally-braindead 15:31 08 Mar 2008

I haven't got one but have fancied getting one for a while and I thought that one of the options was to automatically create the breaks between the tracks and if that is an option then surely it wouldn't take that long.

Appologies if I have this wrong but I saw a review on it and this was one of the things it was meant to be able to do as well as the remove clicks and hiss from the tracks.

  Ankermi31 16:17 08 Mar 2008

Have been looking on the Web but there is not a great deal written about this turntable.Amazon has it at £79 which is the best price I can find but that too has no reviews posted.

So 2bathred one has to "supervise" its download to create the "breaks" is what you are saying but I thought like Totally braindead that you could set it to create them.

The review in May's PCA says that "for the more technically minded ION has bundled freeware audio editing software to remove clicks pops and noises!

Google it and put in Ion iPUTUSB Portable Turntable the PCAdvisor preview is there it was 4th one down.

  2bathred 19:59 08 Mar 2008

The software you get for free is 'Audacity'. I haven't loaded it but then my heart wasn't really in it. The fact that it loaded a mass of Apple software put me off, I have a few personal issues about Apple and did not realise when I bought the deck that ION is Apple. Yes you are right I had to supervise constantly,at the end of each track you had to click a button to set a new track then when all had been recorded you have a screen where you type in all the info, Title, artist etc and then have to wait while all the tracks are converted to Apple media. The only upside is all tracks are copied to Windows media player. in the end you appear to end up with 3 copies on your HDD. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it in no way got me itching to carry on rather just listen to the vinyl once in a while and as I said before buy a CD.

  Ankermi31 09:17 09 Mar 2008

Many thanks for clarification 2bathred and for the Apple info like you I have no desires to have any dealings with them either. What you say makes perfect sense to me. Windows media player have version 11.00 but 3 copies on the HDD. Suppose one could delete two of them but what a waste of time. Buying CDs no problems but can we still get the original artists performing the 40s, 50s and 60s. Glen Miller, Victor Sylvester or even good old Cliff??

Seems this topic is not very topical for discussion:(-

  Totally-braindead 16:03 09 Mar 2008

Some albums you cannot get on CD so from that point of view if you do have a good vinyl collection one of these is a good idea. From my point of view anyway.

  Ankermi31 18:00 09 Mar 2008

Hello Totally braindead (well that makes two of us!!)

Yes, my thoughts precisely. I have my own collection plus a lot I got from my late father in law so some are pretty old, and I must admit although one can get the music on CD it is not the "original artist" if you know what I mean. I can manage to play them on the music centre but remember some being played on the old wind up gramaphone (without the dog!)

Thanks for your imput.

  peter99co 16:22 10 Mar 2008

This is the best LP to CD/MP3/Recorder I have used (but is not working on vista)needs to be checked at website.If you are on xp it is magic. Auto track control and will record from radio tapes EP LP complete with all kinds of audio control.

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