Iomega Zip Drive

  Thereferee21 15:16 23 Nov 2008

I am having problems with this on Vista it wont recognise it. How can i rectify this.?

  bremner 15:39 23 Nov 2008

You don not say what the connection is but so long as it is not parallel click here and this might help

  Woolwell 16:40 23 Nov 2008

I run a USB 100 MB Iomega Zip drive with Vista without any problems. I did not need to download any drivers and the drive was instantly recognised by Vista.

Which version of drive do you have?

  Thereferee21 16:48 23 Nov 2008


I have the Zip 250 USB Powered

  Woolwell 17:03 23 Nov 2008

Have you tried different USB ports?

  Thereferee21 17:11 23 Nov 2008

Yes i have it tels me that FinishSetup.exeEntry pointnot foundThe procedure entry point Get FileVersion Info Size A could not be located in the dynamiclink library version.dll

  Woolwell 18:38 23 Nov 2008

I'm stuck other than I am fairly sure that you have a registry problem with version.dll.

Hope some others can help.

  Woolwell 18:46 23 Nov 2008

You appear to have 2 threads relating to each other. For others see click here

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