Iomega Zip 750 Drive

  Southernboy 15:49 19 Apr 2004

Can ANYONE tell me if the Automatic Backup program that comes with the external 750 Zip Drive can be used as a basic backup program, without actually using the "backup as you work" option. That is to say, can one customise the program to carry out a full backup of files selected when it is first installed, and then insert the disc at the END of each session, and expect it to backup only files that have changed?
Then, at intervals, to insert a new disc and do another full backup, followed by incrementals backups on files that have changed.

Frankly, I am happy with the previous Iomega One-Step Backup that I use but, as it is not compatible with the 750 drive, can I actually use the latest program in the same way? In short, I like to stick with procedures I understand.

I would like to understand this, please?

  Southernboy 13:19 21 Apr 2004


  Southernboy 15:42 04 May 2004


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  Southernboy 14:38 10 May 2004

tell me if I can use the Iomega software in this way, please?

  €dstowe 18:27 10 May 2004

Od that no-one has replied. Must be that this system of backing up is unknown to, well, anyone that's looked at this thread.

I can't help directly except insofar as to say that I had a disaster with Iomega backups many years ago when I couldn't retrieve what was backed up.

Since then I've used more conventional methods like Drive Image. I use Drive Image 7 at the moment and it is ideal for me.

What do Iomega say about your problem? Whenever I've contacted them, admittedly not recently, they have been very helpful.

Try emailing them.


  Southernboy 15:09 11 May 2004

they must have a new Email address. The last time I tried, my mail was returned as undeliverable.

Do you have their current Email address?

The Iomega drive will not be my main backup system. It will be used for two purposes. The first is a stopgap until I have sorted out a new PC/External HD later this year. The second is so that I can keep a backup set away from home so that, in the event of burglary, I will have a set of discs as a last line of defence to fall back on. I have heard of theft of computers and backup devices!


  €dstowe 15:26 11 May 2004

Try this click here

A program like Drive Image can be told to write to external devices and I would think your Iomega drive would count amongst these. Also, Nero now has a backup system included although I haven't looked at it at all.


(I'm still amazed that no-one else has made any comments)

  xania 15:39 11 May 2004

I haven't replied to this because I have a 100 Mb drive and cannot be sure that the software is the same. However, I have used one of their earlier upgraded packages very successfully over the years, and backup all my data weekly - there is a default option to only backup changes but I prefer the full thing.

click here for their web address from where you can send them an email directly.

  Southernboy 14:05 12 May 2004

If you check your software, it will tell you if you have Automatic Backup. I have the 100Mb drive and the software (c.2000) is not the same. It has QuickSync/One Step Backup/One Step Restore and a music Player. The current software only has Automatic backup for backup purposes and it is this software that I am asking about. I want to know how it can be used - I don't want to have to keep a zip disc in the drive all the time I am working, just to back up at the end of each session.

Your link took me to Ebay, not Iomega!!

  €dstowe 14:11 12 May 2004


The link I gave takes you to the Iomega CD writer pages from where you can link to Customer Support.

The link xania gave takes you to Iomega Customer Support for all products (slightly different to but, effectively the same as my link).


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