Iomega Zip 250 (internal) cannot access !

  JODEM 15:42 28 Nov 2004

Could someone please help me resolve the following problem?

I have a fitted Iomega 250 Zip drive which I cannot access.
I have downloaded the latest Iomega Ware and it is recognised in My Computer re the Iomega icon.
When I insert either a loaded or a formatted disk and left/right click on the mouse it refuses to open.
I can only retrieve the disk by pressing the button on the unit and only then by clikking the icon I get the drop down list which only gives me access to Properties. The unit and original software is pre XP Regards Jodem.

  alan227 17:39 28 Nov 2004

I have an Iomega 250 Zip drive fitted in my computer and found under XP it was causing problems having the Iomega software on, so I deleted it all and have never had a problem with the drive since.
In My Computer it just shows up as zip drive.

  JODEM 19:02 28 Nov 2004

Thank you Alan227 I tried what you suggested but I'm afraid the symptoms remain. Regards Jodem

  alan227 00:08 29 Nov 2004

If you have deleted the software.
Turn your computer of, disconnect the zip drive and reboot, then shut down again and reconnect the zip drive to see if it finds it and loads the XP drivers

  Blott 07:36 29 Nov 2004

Don't know if this will help, but some time ago I had a problem with an IOMEGA drive and their e-mail help line was excellent and fast.


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