Iomega Predator external cd-rw drive

  old borris 19:11 09 Jul 2004

Remember me - Old Borris, the elderly gent who was concerned that two Predators, in succession, proved dodgy and while Iomega replaced the first which was near the end of its warranty period, they refused to replace the second saying, in effect, "the second Predator we sent you to replace the first dodgy one is only warranted for the few weeks left on the warranty of the original dodgy Pred. and if it proves to be dodgy too, well, tough titties, we ain't going to replace that: you'll just have to buy a new one".

That seems to me to be both illogical and grossly unfair and I intend to take it up with the Fair Trading people but, in the meantime,I am not happy about shelling out for a third Pred with that sort of record. Reporting this on this site a week or so ago some very helpful chaps suggested that I could fit an internal drive for about £20. But apparently I can't 'cos my Densitron 'Cassius' [not a laptop] is too thin [just like an after-dinner mint but not so tasty]to swallow owt. Not that I tried to feed it any owts. So it has to be another external drive. Can anyone recommend a good reliable external c.d. rewriteable drive on which I can depend for the next 2 or 3 years [I don't expect to be around muh longer than that]? And, incidentally, has anyone had the same bad Iomega experiences as have I?

  Dan the Confused 21:21 09 Jul 2004

Hi again old borris! Did you look at the couple of suggestions on your original thread? click here

  old borris 08:36 10 Jul 2004

Of course! Sorry. I should have gone back there first instead of re-posting. Put it down to senility. I have now got, I think, all the info I think I need. Again, thanks

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