Iobit updated defrag beta to 3.1 out

  sunny staines 18:07 27 Jul 2007

click here

not sure what has changed in this version

  desi3026 21:46 27 Jul 2007

Thanks sunny staines,will check it out now.Its been a good prog so far.

  johnnyrocker 23:27 27 Jul 2007

dint do much for my machine i rely on disk keeper.


  Stuartli 23:52 27 Jul 2007

Improvements are:

Improved directory defrag algorithm
Improved AutoDefrag function
Fixed report bugs in background
Fixed general bugs


Diskeeper is fine, but you have to obtain the paid for version to have background defragging.

  cocteau48 07:59 28 Jul 2007

good morning sunny staines
Is it just me or does anyone else find that since the introduction of the beta version the minimise function does not work resulting in information disappearing off the bottom of the user interface?
Version 2.0 was Ok but 3.0 beta was affected and they do not seem to have cured it with 3.1 beta.

  sunny staines 08:27 28 Jul 2007

not used that function, beta 2 was bad news on my machine, but beta 3 and 3.1 woks OK.

  rawprawn 08:30 28 Jul 2007

Good morning to you both, I know that you both use WinAso. I use the defrag option in that and have no problems.In fact I am beginning to wonder if most defrag programs are at all nessessary.

  cocteau48 10:00 28 Jul 2007

Good morning rawprawn
I think we overuse defrag programs just as we probably over use optimization programs.
I do not believe that there is a real need for a program which constantly defrags in the background and I do not use that part of the 10bit facility.
However I do have to say that last week I defragged a neighbours machine which had never been defragged since purchase 18 months ago - he was astounded at the difference in the speed at which applications booted up - so there is a need for it to be used in moderation.

  Miros 10:14 28 Jul 2007

Received the following in email from IObit, note change in copyright.
*1) IObit SmartDefrag Beta3.1 is released, including improvements on AutoDefrag
function and bug fixing. We highly recommend you download it from our trusted
partner download site

click here

And we also modified the copyright of this freeware. Now you can freely
distribute, copy, and even sell it as long as it is left completely intact and unchanged.*

I have just had a problem with an update to new version of AdAware, think I'll wait and see if there are any hiccups or problems with this update before I download it,.

  rawprawn 10:17 28 Jul 2007

cocteau48, I agree I defrag on a monthly basis. However there are guidelines that suggest defrag is not necessary for NTFS, but they all conclude that even if it's not necessary it does no harm. I shall continue my current regime.

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