IObit SmartDefrag

  mike1967 13:41 18 May 2007

Just a question about this product

I'm using it yes its keeping my HD in optimised condition but is this constant defrag actually causeing un-due wear on the hard drive

Also what is everyones hard drive optimisation showing mine is good does anyone show very good or is good the highest rating.

Well a few questions what like to see what the responses are

  Technotiger 13:56 18 May 2007

Hi, the hidden defragging does not cause any undue wear and tear on your hard drive. I have been using iObit SmartDefrag until recently. I always had a full Green rating of excellent - however, on checking the state of fragmentation using XP's own defrag I found that even with the excellent rating in iObit, my drive still showed quite a lot of fragmentation. I have therefore changed to using Diskeeper from click here and have found this one to be rather better. Diskeeper, like iObit, also runs quietly in the background keeping my three hard drives fully defragged.

  mike1967 14:05 18 May 2007

Quite happy with Defrag when checking on the XP one the only files it shows as defragged are the windows restore files

How did you end up with an excellent rating mine like I said only shows good, is there a way to get the restore files soprted as well then maybe I will have an excellent rating.

  Stuartli 14:09 18 May 2007

If you use the Windows Defrag utility it will originally indicate that the HDD is defragmented at, say, five or six per cent.

It will state that the drive doesn't need defragging.

I use IOBit and find it both effective and quick - unlike the Diskeeper alterntive the SmartDefrag feature doesn't require a paid for version.

I don't know if it's still the case with XP, but Windows own defrag utility was based on Diskeeper Lite.

i could be wrong but to get the excellent rating you have to set up schedule defrag

i defrag when i remember to and have never noticed any performance change, is it really necessary to be constantly defragging? surley having parts moving causes wear and tear?

  al7478 14:47 18 May 2007

i know many dismiss this site, but wikipedia has an interesting article on defraagging click here. the "myths" section of that article is the most interesting to me. if what this article says is true, i dont see the point in doing it at all, unless you have very little hard drive space left.

  SB23 15:09 18 May 2007

I am using this at the moment, and *THE RAVEN* is correct. My rating was set at the good level until I set it to work on auto and scheduled a time etc. I then realised that because of that I was then getting an excellent reading.
As for wear and tear on the hd, if its spinning anyway, it may as well be defragging at the same time.

  March Hare 18:35 18 May 2007

I have both Iobit and Diskeeper Lite. Iobit has just said my disk optimisation is 'excellent', while Diskeeper Lite says my disk is 'heavily fragmented'.

Someone's telling porkies!

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