I/O Shield Problems

  krustykobb 15:40 04 Apr 2012

Just received all my components to build my first computer, only the one problem I have is that on the I/O Shield there are metal tabs stopping the motherboard go in. What do I do to get the motherboard to go in? And other thing is that when installing the heatsink fan I noticed it was touching something on the board which was sticking out of it (don't know technical name) and I didn't think it had been installed properly. Will it cause problems and is it installed properly? It seems to be making contact with the CPU but I am after some advice. Any greatly appreciated.


  KRONOS the First 16:07 04 Apr 2012

Can you post pictures as I am not really sure what you are on about. If the CPU/motherboard came ready fitter then it should be OK. If you do not know the names of things have a look in your motherboard manual as it will have a pictures and everything on it is named.

As for the I/O shield the motherboard will fit I assure you. You will find that they will squeeze together.

What mobo/cpu/heatsink have you got?

  krustykobb 16:12 04 Apr 2012

Hi, will post pics later on. I have an i3 with a stock heatsink. I have a asus p8z68-v lx mobo.

  krustykobb 16:29 04 Apr 2012

Pics are: Include pics of mobo and cpu and heatsink connected, any help appreciated

http:[email protected]/6899092218/ http:[email protected]/6899089634/ http:[email protected]/6899080648/ http:[email protected]/6899077462/ http:[email protected]/7045180403/

  KRONOS the First 16:43 04 Apr 2012

OK, your heatsink is fine, just had a look at a spare stock heatsink I have and you will have a copper plate under the white fins which goes on the CPU after you have spread a thin layer of thermal paste.

The I/O shield is as I thought thought the tabs will squeeze down when you push the motherboard up against it.

I am using a similar board so have know what you mean about the shield.

  krustykobb 17:00 04 Apr 2012


Thanks. Already bent the tabs out of place but tried to put them back. Tried applying pressure but will not go in. Any more advice? Thanks. Or can I snap the tabs off?

  KRONOS the First 17:44 04 Apr 2012

I would try and bend then back into place,locking at your pictures that should be simple enough, try and get them flat against the main part,but you can if you want snap them off but I would file the edges down as you will have sharp bits.

  krustykobb 17:59 04 Apr 2012

I heard they are for grounding purposes. Will this affect that at all?


  KRONOS the First 18:11 04 Apr 2012

As I said just bend them back to the main I/O plate if your concerned.

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