I/O error

  Drifter 23:16 18 Apr 2005

Hello, does anyone know why a PC which is running fine(new HD with win98 installed), should suddenly refuse to boot, with the error message " Disk I/O error, relace the disk and press any key"?

  AndySD 23:21 18 Apr 2005

Do you have a floppy disk in the drive?

  Totally-braindead 23:21 18 Apr 2005

Have you altered the boot order in the BIOS, I've seen this sort of thing when I've left a floppy in the drive and I've got my PC set to boot from the floppy first.

  Drifter 23:35 18 Apr 2005

no, no disks in drives.

  Totally-braindead 23:41 18 Apr 2005

It can also come up with something similar if you've a cd in the cdrom and its set to boot from the cd before the hard drive.

  AndySD 23:42 18 Apr 2005

A cable has come loose inside...open the computer and look.

The CMOS battery may be flat(there is a battery on the motherboard that allows the information about the equipment attached to the motherboard to be saved). This battery has a life of 5 years in general terms.

  Drifter 00:02 19 Apr 2005

no discs in any drive, just changed cmos batt. and set BIOS. no change

  Drifter 00:47 19 Apr 2005

Have disconnected rom drives, no change

  Drifter 10:38 19 Apr 2005

I cant see any way round it except re-installing windows, I'll wait a while in case anyone has an idea
Cheers, Adrian

  Totally-braindead 10:53 19 Apr 2005

Regardless of the boot order you have in the BIOS, proving you have no disks in the drives you can ignore this being the problem, unless you don't have the BIOS set to boot from the hard drive of course. You mention a new hard drive, a few questions, is the old hard drive still in the system and if so have you correctly set them so one is slave and one is master? You say the computer is running fine does this mean that after this error you see it actually starts? If the new hard drive is the master, did you format it, install the operating system and then the motherboard drivers before you did anything else as its important its done in that order?

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