i/o card not working

  zolaisugly 22:01 10 Mar 2003

i recently posted asking how to connect 2 printers and scanner to same computer..was given the best info was to but a i/o card as this would install a printer port without using a switch box. i brought a isa i/o card that is multi ie it can add com port printer.it also has a hdd and fdd controller on it have disabled all these but win98 does not see any new hardware installed.what can i do to make win98 see new card

  medicine hat 11:06 11 Mar 2003

Which card is it? Did it come with a driver disk?

  zolaisugly 21:50 11 Mar 2003

i am not sure what card it is as the only makers id i can see is on the chips which say they are holtec. i have been to there site and i can not see any info with the reference no's that are on the chips . i didnt get any drivers for it was told win 98 would load and use generic drivers.

all the packaging say is super I/O card for the xt/286/386/486 and compatible computers with a 16 bit data bus.

my system spec is a celeron p2 333 win 98se 256 ram with 60 gig hd(maxtor.. the shop will take this card back only if found faulty!! which i think it is. i paid £10.00 for the card so if i can not get card to work not lost alot of money

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