Invisible HD

  Digital 20:13 26 Jun 2006

I've just installed a new second HD. I initialized it under XP then used Acronis True Image to clone the first HD. However, when I open My Computer the new HD isn't listed. Anyone any idea why not please?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:22 26 Jun 2006

Right click my computer

choose management

then disk management

Is it there?

  mosfet 20:23 26 Jun 2006

After you initialise you then need to partition & format

  Diversion 20:26 26 Jun 2006

If its anything like the Maxtor 300GB hard drive that I installed on my PC, I had to download a file from the Maxtor website to initialize the hard drive before I could find it.

  Digital 20:38 26 Jun 2006

Diodorus - yes, it's seen by both Device Manager & Disk Management.

Les2 - I initialized it with XP then ran True Image on it to clone the first HD but Disk Management shows only a Primary partition when it should show three partitions cloned.

Diversion - thanks for the idea but Hitachi (the drive is a DeskStar) don't offer anything.

  woodchip 20:42 26 Jun 2006

Mite be a good Idea to start from fresh, and just use Disc manager to remove all then create new partitions then you should be able to use acronis

  mosfet 20:45 26 Jun 2006

Do you mean clone or image

  woodchip 20:45 26 Jun 2006

Why do you want to clone? are you intending using it as the boot disc? If not all you need to do is as in my last post then create a Image onto the second drive for restore purpose

  Diemmess 20:51 26 Jun 2006

Cloning is done one drive (partition) at a time?
So if you made an image regardless, wont that image be only of Hard Disk (drive 0)i.e. Drive C: ?
If disk management has partitioned your second HD the extended individual partitions will need to be formatted before you can see them.... wont they?
As I said I may be talking nonsense but like you hope to learn the truth!

  woodchip 20:53 26 Jun 2006

Cloning is done so one can use another drive to boot from

  Digital 21:04 26 Jun 2006

Les2 & Woodchip - clone, so's I could boot from the clone if necessary. I think I will remove the partition then let Acronis True Image do it all. I'll let you know what happens (unless I clean out the wrong drive...)

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