Inverted Desktop.

  Jonno131 09:36 18 Feb 2009

It's a solved problem, but one which is bewildering me. A neighbour called me yesterday evening to say that he had put a book down on his keyboard and his screen display had turned upside down. Sure enough there was a completely inverted desktop. System Restore was a bit awkward (the mouse controls were reversed as well) but got the display back to normal.
His book had obviously hit a key combination which inverted the display, but why should such a facility exist? Maybe for yoga experts? Has anyone else encountered this? OS is Vista Home.

  oldbeefer2 09:53 18 Feb 2009
  Jonno131 10:04 18 Feb 2009

Thanks oldbeefer2. Should have thought to search under "upside down" rather than "Inverted."

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