Invalid system disk

  s99Raj 11:42 26 Jan 2003

I have an EP-8KMM+ motherboard inside a Packard bell case but the power button connector will not fir the motherboard pins. The connector is in one "block" and the individual wires do not separate so as to use the pins on the motherboard. The only way I can switch the PC on is to put a screwdriver across the two power pins on the m/b.

Anyway the main problem at the moment is that I get the error message "Invalid System Disk". The PC does not seem to recognise the fact that the floppy drive is actually there. I've tried different floppy drives and different IDE cables. If it recognised a floppy drive I guess it would then be abe to boot up to a Windows 98 startup disk and all would be OK.

I've tried putting in a W98 CD in the CD drive to see if it would boot from there but it won't. Do I need a proper bootable CD? Can I make one easily using Nero, and if so, how?

Do all the connectors (power reset, hd led, etc.) HAVE to be connected for the PC to work properly?

Any help very much appreciated.


  User-312386 11:47 26 Jan 2003

1 can you not get a connector for it

2 why not cut the wires and make your own connector


  s99Raj 11:50 26 Jan 2003

Idin't know you could buy new connectors. I've thought about cutting the wires and soldering them onto the pins perhaps or even buy a new case. But is this the source of the problem, that of the floppy not being recognised?

  User-312386 11:52 26 Jan 2003

can you not go into the bios(hit the delete key on start up) and disable the floppy drive


  BRYNIT 12:02 26 Jan 2003

Have you checked in Bios that it is set to boot from A drive or CD first

  s99Raj 12:12 26 Jan 2003

I have been into the BIOS and changed the order of the floppy, DC ROM Drive and HDD but it seems to make no difference which one I put first. I still get the Invalid System Disk message.

  User-312386 12:20 26 Jan 2003

go into bios and disable floppy

  User-312386 12:21 26 Jan 2003

what is your 1st, 2nd etc etc boot order

  s99Raj 12:29 26 Jan 2003

I've disabled the floppy, then the other two I've tried CD ROM first then HDD and vice versa. I still get Invalid System Dsik.
Is it supposed to be able to boot up from a W98 CD or do I need a special CD (a Bootable one?)?

  User-312386 12:53 26 Jan 2003

i assume you have gone into the standard cmos?

when there try and make the 1st boot "user"

go into advanced and look there to see if the floppy is 1st on ide as well


p.s did you save the settings before exiting bios?

  s99Raj 12:56 26 Jan 2003

Yes, I did go into the standard BIOS, but i haven't tried making the first boot "user" but what do I do afterwards?
In the Advanced, the floppy says None.
I do save the settings each time by pressing F10 and saying Yes.

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