Invalid system disk

  Veitcy 10:34 17 May 2009

My computer has stopped loading with the error "Invalid System Disk" replace disk press any key. I can get it to start by pressing F12 and choosing "Boot Disk" setting it to load from an external DVD? I have tried system restore to no avail. I have checked setup and tried changing order of start but no luck. Help please

  cheap 10:52 17 May 2009

Possible hard drive problem.
You need to check your cables first.
Turn pc off and remove plug from wall.
Open up pc and remove IDE/SATA cable from back of hard disk make a note of which way it came out.
Now replace it and make sure its pushed in firmly.
Next remove power cable from Hard drive and then put it back making sure its firmly in place.

Close pc and re-boot.

  Veitcy 10:07 18 May 2009

Sorry I said loading external DVD drive it is actualy the hard drive and checking this drive it is ok.Is this a registry error as the day before
I cleaned the registry?

  ened 10:26 18 May 2009

Just to add to what cheap suggested.

If you are going to start poking around inside the case make sure you are earthed,

If you leave the machine connected to the mains then you will be okay so long as you touch the outside of the case.

You can buy special bracelets but I have never bothered.

Keeping the contact with the mains is beneficial!

  ened 10:29 18 May 2009

and the machine has stopped working.

Try running sfc /scannow.

XP: Start/Run type: sfc /scannow

Vista: Start and in the search box type "sfc" and the top option should be what you want.

You will need a system installation disk.

  crosstrainer 10:29 18 May 2009

Disconnect the external device.


If the machine boots normally, post back (this is a BIOS issue)

  Veitcy 11:25 18 May 2009

Tried what Cheap said but just the same I do not think it is hard drive problem as I can go into setup and choose the hard drive to boot and get into windows no problem. It must be something to do with start up not finding path? any more ideas ?

  ened 13:12 18 May 2009

This is a BIOS issue.

If you have never changed the bios whilst owning the machine I would try going into the BIOS and Restore Default Settings.

First of all though ensure your correct Hard Drive is set in the Boot Sequence as 'First Device'.

  Veitcy 13:52 18 May 2009

Thanks ened I tried this just before getting your e.mail after reading Microsoft help and now it gets to stage where computer says to continue press F2 I can live with that because it then goes right into Windows after pressing F2 Unless you know how to make it go straght to Windows from switching on ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 18 May 2009

Make sure you have no disks in the DVD drive / floppy drives.

printer switched off, printers with disk readers can be confused as drives if boot from external source is enabled in BIOS.

  Veitcy 14:31 18 May 2009

followed Fruit Bat advice it now says press F1 to continue then goes into Windows ?

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