Invalid Scan Frequency

  Cinderella24 16:39 16 Sep 2006

Hi, I changed something to do with the screen resolution, and now when I start up I get as far as the Windows loading display and after a few seconds the monitor displays 'Invalid Scan Frequency'. I have tried to start up in safe mode to rectify it but the same happens. How can I change it to the correct setting? I don't know a huge amount about computers so if you can help, a dummy's guide would be great!!
Thanks in advance.

  Jak_1 17:32 16 Sep 2006

What did you do in safe mode to try and rectify the problem?

  jimv7 18:08 16 Sep 2006

Is it win xp, if so staer the puter and continuously press f8, choose vga mode to start the puter.

Then you can change the resolution and the frequency by right clicking on the desktop/properties then restart normally.

  DieSse 18:12 16 Sep 2006

Put the frequency down to 60Hz to strat with - all monitors can handle that.

What type and size monitor is it, and what resolution do you want to run it at.

  jimv7 18:12 16 Sep 2006

Left out, desktop/properties/settings to change resolution and frequencies.

  Cinderella24 12:02 18 Sep 2006

Hi again,
After selecting safe mode, same windows loading screen but monitor goes to same Inv Scan Frequency (appears in the same text as my monitor rather than from Windows). Cannot get into main windows desktop in safe mode at all either and therefore cannot get to Properties to change the resolution. Had formatted and reinstalled windows and changed the resolution to same as it was prior to this. Have 2 GeForce 7200 graphics cards in there and previously ran at full graphics on 19" flatscreen, tried it on TV aswell (42" plasma) but same happens. The only screens can get into are BIOS but there doesn't appear to be anything I can change here either. Also tried to format again and reinstall Windows (by booting from CDrom) but once this finished, restarted and exactly the same happens. There just doesn't appear to be any way to change it back.

  DieSse 13:42 18 Sep 2006

Perhaps the graphics card has a problem them - try it on another system, or find a way to try another graphics card on your system.

The fequency/resolution settings cannot be retained after a format/re-install - it's all done again from scratch.

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