Invalid Reg Key for my win XP Pro

  Dekka123 16:19 09 Apr 2005

I tried to download a programme from Microsoft and I was informed that I had an invalid key number. Although my system is working ok I would like to rectify this situation. I have an original upgrade disk of windows XP Home which I purchased from PC World a couple of years ago.
Could I install this over my present windows and keep all my present programmes intact without the hassle of reinstalling them. Could someone please tell me if my suggestion is possible and if so how would I do it. I have no idea where the chap is that installed my present copy of windows but I am not really bothered about that I just want to put my machine legal. Thanks in anticioation

well i'm pretty sure your windows xp home upgrade is exactly what it says,its an upgrade so you wont be able to install it over xp pro,as it wouldnt be an upgrade,more of a downgrade!.the upgrade will work on operating systems lower than xp home (i.e windows 98) could do what i did,i purchased a certificate of authenticity from ebay(be carefull who you buy from)then purchased an oem windows xp home disc..worked a treat..registered ok and activated..only cost me £30 in total..or you could buy the real deal at about £54 (xp home)or there abouts. but you would need xp pro to keep all your files i think..someone will point out if anything i have said is wrong and advise you further..regards akanic

  smokingbeagle 17:01 09 Apr 2005

You could use Rock XP to modify the Product key usedd to install your current XP Pro. You'll have to acquire a genuine XP Pro licence first.
click here

  Dekka123 17:03 09 Apr 2005

Thanks for speedy reply @[email protected]!c I think if I have to purchase a new copy I would like to keep XP. on my machine. Would I then be able to do what I want to do without losing any of my programms. I am a bit scared of the EBay route.

  Indigo 1 17:10 09 Apr 2005


  Dekka123 17:12 09 Apr 2005

Thanks for your advice smokingbeagle how do I aquire a genuine XP Pro licence

smokingbeagle..forgot about that option! dekka123 have a look hereclick here
this ebayer seems pretty good to me and i would buy from will need to buy the coa sticker to make it legal..not just a key code..then all you do is change the keycode on your illegal xp pro to the new legal one(with rock xp) and everything should be ok.regards akanic
oh in the event that you have to reinstall xp with the disc,you will have to put the illegal keycode in to install it,then change it to the legal one again.unless you buy a disc like i have,thats not tied to a keycode ,then you just put in your legal keycode in then activate it after install

  Wuggy 22:21 09 Apr 2005


  woodchip 22:23 09 Apr 2005

If you can find the Key in the registry you should be able to update it

  Buchan 35 22:40 09 Apr 2005

Presumably as your PC is working you can type Belarc into your Google browser and download it. (free)
Somewhere down the right side it`ll give you the necessary info. Best of luck

  VoG II 22:44 09 Apr 2005

Belarc click here may work or try click here

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