Invalid Procedure Call or Argument

  recap 22:37 09 Jul 2007

Of late I have been getting the above error message on this computer - Window XP Home.

I have trawled the net only to find the most relevant thing being for Visual Studio 2005. I looked on MS knowledge base for a solution, did the necessary updates and patches. But I still keep getting the above error.

I have also conducted a full and deep scan with anti-virus, spyware, maleware, check the event viewer still nothing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  skidzy 23:05 09 Jul 2007

Do you have the .Netframework 3.0 installed recap click here

Just guessing here,have you recently tried to install some latest released software ?

Im thinking this is going to be over my head,after reading up on this.

  recap 08:54 10 Jul 2007

Thanks for that skizy, your link doesn't show anything other than MS search page.

I do have .net on my computer.

Thanks for the train of thought, I will look for info on .Net

  €dstowe 09:11 10 Jul 2007

That's similar to the messages that come up with the old Sasser worm and its relations.

Might be worth running Stinger click here

  recap 09:33 10 Jul 2007

Thanks €dstowe, I have stinger on my system but never thought of running it as the virus scan found nothing.

Will give it a try when I get home tonight.

  €dstowe 09:58 10 Jul 2007

Don't forget to update Stinger - an old version might not work properly.

  recap 10:02 10 Jul 2007

Cheers €dstowe

  skidzy 18:52 10 Jul 2007

The link ive supplied recap,should show the Netframework 3.0 download page.

If you are not getting that,then something is amiss with your settings or possibly as €dstowe has pointed ....a virus.
Maybe an online scan with Trend or kaspersky or even Panda will help.

  recap 19:50 10 Jul 2007

Thanks skidzy, I have Panda on my system.

  recap 10:13 11 Jul 2007

Well what a pa-larva last night. I ran Stinger and it got rid of the virus/hacker (Qttask.exe). I rebooted only to find that it was back again. I re-ran Panda and my malware programs and it was still there. I then tried CWshredder, which advised me to install a new version of the program to get rid of the virus/hacker. This found it straight away and I was able to delete it. To double check I re-booted only to find it back again.

I then asked my sons if they had been on the computer. One of them admitted to opening a port on the router so he could download a movie, AAARRRGGHH!!!!!

Port closed now and an encrypted password on the router this time.

Thanks for all your help folks.

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