Invalid page fault in module Kernel 32.dll

  Shas 15:31 04 Aug 2004

Have just tried to install the free trial of Registry Cleaner. The download went fine but when I try to open the program I get the following message:

REGMECH caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff886df.
EAX=c0030c00 CS=017f EIP=bff886df EFLGS=00010216
EBX=bff76849 SS=0187 ESP=0083fffc EBP=00840008
ECX=819c6ec4 DS=0187 ESI=819759a0 FS=3ca7
EDX=008401f0 ES=0187 EDI=0084017c GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
53 56 8b 0d e0 9c fc bf 57 33 f6 8b 38 8b 19 89
Stack dump:

As it happens I had the same problem when I tried to open a successful download of the latest Spywareblaster program early last month, and I got an almost identical message (some of the Register numbers varied slightly.) I thought at that time it was a fault in the Spywareblaster program but now that it's happened twice I'm thinking it must be a problem with my computer.

I've tried a Google search and the MSKB but can't seem to find anything that fits.

Running Windows 98SE. Be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

  James-286079 15:42 04 Aug 2004

It could be that kernel32.dll is corrupted.

Use sfc.exe to extract from your Windows CD-ROM.

  Shas 16:24 04 Aug 2004

Thanks for your suggestion but no luck I'm afraid. Successfully extracted the kernel32.dll file, then downloaded the programe again and rebooted but before the desktop had even finished loading its icons I got the same message.

I'm assuming (1) I have to extract the file from my WIN98 SE upgrade disk and not the original Windows 98 disk and (2) I just overwrite the original file, not delete it first.

Could it be that the file was corrupted on the actual upgrade disk and I'm just extracting the same corrupt file again?

  GaT7 16:58 04 Aug 2004

May not be kernel32.dll after all...

MS blames the third-party program(s) for these errors: click here.

You can also search on Registry Cleaner's homepage, request support & post on their Forum if they have one.

Additionally, search/post on SpywareBlaster's forum to sort your other issue click here (scroll to the bottom). For a similar problem click here to get some pointers (version change may solve it?) or post your problem. Interestingly, javacool (the program's developer) does not blame MS for this error, so MS may be right on this one! HTH, G

  PSF 17:12 04 Aug 2004

Have you tried to restore to pc to an earlier date.

I had this the other day on a friends pc when he had a virus.

Boot into safe mode (f8) and choose command prompt, and not safe mode.

Type in scnanreg /restore then choose an earlier version of your registry from when you know the pc was ok. Re-boot and that should recover the pc.

  Shas 17:18 04 Aug 2004

I sent Registry Cleaner an email this morning but have had no response yet, (they say they'll respond within one working day and as they are 8 hours behind the UK I don't expect anything just yet.)

As far as Spywareblaster is concerned, when I had the problem with that I had posted on Javacool's forum and the prog. developer asked for various details, which I sent, but he hasn't responded yet either. I do visit their forum now and again to see if there are any relevant threads but haven't found anything. So I sort of gave up with that one but it's a shame because it does work - since not having it loaded Ad-Aware finds the odd thing which it never did when Spywareblaster was installed. I'll just have to wait til he brings out v 3.3.

  Shas 17:27 04 Aug 2004

Thanks but I can't do that, as I had the same problem back at the beginning of July with Spywareblaster and 98SE only keeps 5-days' worth of registry back ups, (which I believe I could change, but my system is slow enough as it is and as each individual back up takes nearly 2.5MB, I don't really want to clog up any more.)

  PSF 17:42 04 Aug 2004

As you have been running since July you should have a good reg backed up since that date, it's worth a try first.

I am not sure how long the registry is normally kept for, on on my friends pc he had 5 dates stored going back some time. I went back 1 month and it ran ok after that. I did find Norton would not work after, Norton died during a virus attack he hit the off switch as something was trying to install itself. I installed AVG and it ran well after. It found 45 viruses!!!!!!!

  Shas 18:06 04 Aug 2004

I have two back ups each dated 23rd July, (must have done a manual one in addition to the automatic one), then went away for a week so the other three are dated 2nd, 3rd and 4th August. If I had the kernel32.dll problem at the beginning of July when I tried to run Spywareblaster, wouldn't the 23rd July back ups still have the problem file in them, as they're the oldest back up dates?

  PSF 18:21 04 Aug 2004

If the problem was there before it will come back. You could try installing Windows over the top to see if that rectifies the problem. You will not loose any information doing that.

  Shas 18:33 04 Aug 2004

If extracting the individual file from my 98SE cd didn't work, I do wonder if installing Windows over the top would get me anywhere, but do you think it would be worth trying to extract the file from the original 98 (non-SE) cd? As I wondered in my post of 16:24, could the file on the actual 98SE upgrade cd be corrupted?

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