invalid page fault

  Smokeyone 06:54 19 Jun 2004

Could I have some advice please - I often get the message in Win 98 - Wordpro invalid page fault in module user.exe at 0003:0000a5d4 - then the fun starts.

Is this connected with win 98 supposedly being low on resources and if so can anyone suggest a programme that solves the problem



  Valvegrid 07:15 19 Jun 2004

Yes, you are correct, the machine is low on resources. The easy one to check first is the swap file, this needs quite a lot of disk space to function properly, particularly if the machine is low on memory. So how big is the hard drive and how much is used, and how much RAM is installed?

You can see the size of the swap file, in win98 its located in the Windows folder and is called win386.swp

  Smokeyone 15:55 19 Jun 2004

I need help here I am afraid, how do I access the swap file please. I have 192mb of ram with a 38gb HD. I have also found out that it has 34gb free space.

Thanks again


  Valvegrid 16:01 19 Jun 2004

In that case it won't be the RAM, that's more than enough or hard drive, there's plenty of room for the swap file to use with 34GB free.

I'll have a search to see if I can find some more info, in the meantime one of the other peps will have other ideas, just hold on.

  Valvegrid 16:12 19 Jun 2004

You could try checking the system with System File Checker to make sure none of the files are corrupted. Go to Start Run and type sfc, make sure you have your 98SE disk handy incase it finds any files that need replacing.

Also have you installed any programs lately and noticed you've had this problem since installing it?

  GaT7 17:25 19 Jun 2004

For a helpful article & possible solutions for IPF errors click here. Try all the solutions mentioned there. Also see click here. As a last resort you could try a repair/reinstall of Wordpro (or Lotus SmartSuite as a whole if that's what you have). Let us know how you get on. Good luck, G

  Smokeyone 06:16 20 Jun 2004

Thanks for the help. I am working my way through the list. One thing though, I cannot delete a RLG file in the temp folder of the win file. The message says it maybe in use. Any ideas please..
no new programmes lately....



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