Invalid ActiveX/COM Entries

  Bayleaf 20:12 20 Feb 2003

Can anyone please help solve the invalid ActiveX/COM entries I am getting almost every time I shut down the computer. Have tried to trace the fault with no luck, only new program installed recently was Explorer 6 upgrade. The faults are repaired by using Norton utilities, but only to return on the next use of the computer!
The error messages do vary, but the most frequent are as follows -

Missing or Invalid ActiveX/COM SubKey entry
Missing or Invalid Key: "bwpfile\shell\open command"

System used is Windows 98se,would really appreciate some help on how to solve this problem, and to understand what is going on!

  pj123 22:35 20 Feb 2003

I get exactly the same. Norton reports 15 problems all to do with activex. I repair all and norton reports 15 problems fixed.

If i run norton again even half an hour later i get the same 15 problems.

I have decided to ignore it as it doesn't seem to have any effect on my computer.

  Bayleaf 20:05 21 Feb 2003

Thanks for reply, Iam not so lucky! Very often the system just hangs when trying to shutdown or just produces a blank screen. The only thing that can be done is to hit the restart button, and start over again and again!!

  jazzypop 22:02 21 Feb 2003

It's difficult to be precise, but a bwpfile could relate to a method of 'pushing' content to a user (BackWeb InfoPak Preview File).

This can be used by perfectly 'proper' software that you have installed, or by a more devious program.

Make sure you have run AdAware and Spywareblaster, to ensure that there are no unwelcome visitors in your system.

Then go to Start > Run, type 'msconfig' (without quotes), press Enter, and click the Startup tab.

Check the startup programs that are listed there carefully - untick any that you are suspicious of, reboot and see if the symptoms disappear.

Finally, you could open the Registry, do a search for Run, and see if there are any unwanted programs in the Run or RunOnce keys.

  IZZY 13:31 22 Feb 2003

Hi, Bayleaf....

Are you using AOL V7 as your ISP? If so, whenever you open it, it installs 15 ActiveX/Com sub-keys on your system. These are something to do with the various sub-programmes which AOL uses and really should be deleted once AOL is running....but they are not. It's bad programming by AOL and evidently isn't sorted in V8.

Symantec have a Knowledge Base paper on this and suggestions. These are not a problem...just a bloody nuisance.



  Bayleaf 20:50 27 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reply, have followed your advice but can not see anything suspicious but I am not to sure I would spot the offending software, but will try, if all else fails I will just have to reformat. Thanks again and sorry for the delay in replying,your advice was much appreciated.

Regards Bayleaf

  Bayleaf 20:54 27 Feb 2003

Hello Izzy,

Thanks for your reply and advice but I am not using AOL. Thanks again but I am sorry for the delay in replying.

Regards Bayleaf

  jazzypop 21:56 27 Feb 2003

Fair point - perhaps this link will help you understand the programs listed in msconfig - click here

If you are still unsure, post the exact name of it(them) back here, I'm sure we will be able to help.

  Stuartli 01:07 28 Feb 2003

I consistently get two invalid ActiveX entries which are attributed to PowerPoint.

Norton Utilities cannot cure it and, because it doesn't cause any problems, I've decided to ignore them.

  Dr Lecter 01:44 28 Feb 2003

I have also the same problem , but i ignore it because it is not affecting my system in any way.

  Bayleaf 21:09 04 Mar 2003

Many thanks for your info,I am working on the list and will let you know soon.

Regards Bayleaf

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