Intuwave ???

  GBL 10:23 12 Sep 2004

I have suddenly got a program installed and don't know where it has come from.
When I boot up I now get a message from ZoneAlarm that MRouter Runtime is trying to access the internet etc, there is also another popup window.
On searching my HDD Program files I find a program called Intuwave.
It is not in the Control panel, and I can't delete it.I can't find any other reference to it so can't uninstall it either.
How do I get rid of it and where did it come from.???
I can't get rid of the Zone Alarm Request either despite me asking it to remeber the answer I give etc.
So just want to get rid of the program.

  Dorsai 10:56 12 Sep 2004

both mrouter runtime and intuwave seem to be somthing to do with symbian mobile phones. Do you have one, and use you PC to interface with it?

  GBL 11:03 12 Sep 2004

Yes and have just installed the CD that came with it.

That explains where it came from, but how do I get rid of it.

Perhaps if I uninstall the CD it might go away, I will check and report back.

  GBL 11:08 12 Sep 2004

Well I would unistall it if I could find out how to, it is not in Control Manager and there is no uninstall that I can find.
Any help??

  GBL 11:37 12 Sep 2004

Found it now, it was under the title, PC Suite for Nokia, not Nokia as I would have thought.
Still sorted now.

Thanks for your help.

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