Intrusion attempts

  szk2003 01:30 20 Mar 2003

this arn't a question and not really a problem but i just installed boardband about two days ago, and staight away i had like 100 odd intrusion attempts from various IP addresses trying to attack my computer, i'm mean what the hell...... 01:56 20 Mar 2003

you have a good firewall running (with the alert turned off) you should be ok.

  MPete 02:31 20 Mar 2003

Yes there seems to be a new worm slithering the web. I've had 251 attemts in about 8 hours. Most UDP type connection attempts. That more today than I got when slammer was at it's peak. It hasn't really slowed down since slammer, it's gotten worse.
Run a good firewall and just ignore it. In a Windows world it's part of the view.

  expertec 09:22 20 Mar 2003

I'm on broadband and i get attacked all the time but i have BlackIce so i just ignore it all.

  powerless 09:41 20 Mar 2003

Yes as the others say just ignore them all. Just let the firewall run and run silently. Depending what firewall you have, some allow you to find out what the "Intrusion" was. Nearly all the time it will be a port scan from a mail server, a scan from your ISP...and loads more, there all harmless.

I had been 14 hours and had 1339 "Intrusions", all harmless.

  szk2003 17:40 20 Mar 2003

well thats cool, i do ignore them anyway, but what the hell are all these ips trying to get out of our computer any way? i'm mean fair enough there are hackers out there who are trying to steal everyone's id and connection and shit, but serious man, i sure not all attempts are by hackers so what do they want?

  powerless 17:42 20 Mar 2003

There not trying to get into your computer. There just seeing if you are still connected.

  kingkenny 17:50 20 Mar 2003

I get the occasional attack but my ports are supposed to be stealthed by NPF. So how can any hacker spot my PC on the web?? I thought the whole point of stealthing the ports was to make it seem that your PC didn't exist??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:54 20 Mar 2003

These are NOT hacking attempts. They are merely computers, servers and routers handshaking to see if you are online. Turn off the alerts and surf on regardless. Hackers are NOT interested in the drivel on home computers (including mine). Stealing an ID or connection is much simpler than hacking home computers...remember the word for hackers is...passwords. ;-)))


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