Internet/Media System build

  welshtony 03:52 05 Apr 2011

Hi everyone.

This is my very first post here. Iv only just found the site.

Im not new to pc's as I have been upgradeing a few and fixing (well reformating) a few for a few years now.

Basicly my mother keeps asking for a laptop or a small computer of some sort.

I looked around for a laptop around the £300 mark and lets be honest there isnt really anything decent.

Im looking at building a tower or desktop but it needs to be small so I was thinking of a mini ITX system.

Iv never looked at ITX systems so I have no idea what goes with what lol.

I need you expert help. What sort of system could I get for around £250. there is a give or take leaway of £50 (makes it upto £300) but dont really want to go that high if I can help it.

It needs to be upgradeble a bit. I.E. in the future I plan on adding a TV card to it to make it able to record TV.

Thanks in advance.

  welshtony 07:51 11 Apr 2011

Any help at all on this?

  Graphicool1 08:43 11 Apr 2011

Hi welshtony

Sorry about the lag in response. Two things in our defence...

(1) PCA have just changed the format of the site and it's taking some of us a while getting to grips with some of those changes.

(2) it's still a bit early in the morning for some of us.

That said, what will be the main things your mum will be using the PC for?

  welshtony 10:13 11 Apr 2011

No probs.

mainly as the title say for internet usage and playing some films of it. No games (apart from the facebook ones lol) Maybe in the future put a tv card in it and record live TV but thats a slim maybe

The odd bit of MS office usage.

Thats probally about it.


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