Internet/email/server speed issues

  kevin1967 14:42 20 May 2008

Afternoon all, In our office, which consists of a server and 3 pc's with a wired network connection we are experiencing slow (0.2mbps) internet speeds on a 2mbps fixed line.

BT have checked the line - it's fine.

I've bought a new router - makes no difference.

This morning I switched the server off and the internet speed went up to 2mbps which is what it should be. Then when I switched the server back on again it went back down to 0.2mbps.

I hope I've given you knowledgeable people enough info so you can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

  sean-278262 16:01 20 May 2008

What is installed on the server that is making requests out? Is there a file transfer running? Check what is using the servers resources (method depends on the server type) and try to work out what is causing the issue.

  silverous 16:03 20 May 2008

Is there some form of web filtering taking place on the server?

Is the server otherwise functioning ok? Does the server act as "default gateway" for the PCs?

  kevin1967 16:50 20 May 2008

Thanks for the responses guys. There shouldn't be any file transfers running and there is definitely no web filtering.

Not exactly sure what a "default gateway" is - sorry.

Everything was fine until about a month ago and nothing changed to suddenly cause the problems.

If we have to get a new server then that's fine (current server is more than 5 years old) but I don't want to spend a few hundred pounds if it's not necesary.

  silverous 17:04 20 May 2008

Do you know what the relationship is between the PCs and the Server in terms of the internet? It sounds like the PCs don't need the server to access the internet.

You shouldn't need to get a new server to resolve.

What type of internet connection is it and how is the internet connected to the network?

Default gateway: if you do an "ipconfig" command on the PCs you should see a "default gateway" address. Do the same on the server and see if the server "IP Address" is the same address.

  kevin1967 08:00 21 May 2008

Ok - the pc's do not need the server to access the internet. When the server is switched off we get full speed internet.

We have Freedom to Surf 2mbps fixed speed (unlimited downloads) which comes down the phone line, into the router and is then distributed to the pc's via wired connections. The router has it's own power supply which is presumably why the server doesn't need to be on for internet access. The server just handles emails.

All pc's have the same problem.

All pc's including the server have the same default gateway, but the IP address of the server is different.

  silverous 10:10 21 May 2008

OK, I get it so the internet router is also the network switch for the PCs and the server.

Is the server downloading updates by any chance?

How about using something like this (haven't used it myself but saw it recommended on here):

click here

on each machine to see how the server's internet usage compares to the PCs? If it is downloading lots this should show it up?

  kevin1967 12:18 21 May 2008

No downloads on server - readings are virtually zero.

I did shut the email program (MDaemon) down whilst leaving the server running and the internet went back up to full speed. This presumably means that it's the email program that's causing the problem and not the actual physical server pc?

  silverous 15:18 21 May 2008

Now I'm confused, I can't see how MDaemon could be slowing internet activity if the server isn't downloading any data.

Is it worth getting some support from the supplier of that product? I wonder if the product is doing something it shouldn't in terms of broadcasting network traffic to all clients.

  kevin1967 10:46 10 Jun 2008

It is definitely not downloading anything but it is uploading @ 30kbps

It was suggested that we may have been overloaded by spam emails but we now have a spam filter activated and it has made no difference.

  brundle 10:54 10 Jun 2008

Where are you getting the 0.2mbps figure from? Downloads or performance monitor on a machine? Or on the router?

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