The internet/connecting/from Scratch (please read)

  AnthonyB 18:06 11 Oct 2004


My brother will be getting his first PC tonight- my old one;)

Now, all he wants to do for the time being is *CONNECT* to the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. How does he go about this? - since he won't have a connection CD/setup etc in the first place? I suggested wanadoo pay as you go, but what does he have to do to actually get connected to the internet in the first place? - without having to sign/register for other ISP's etc (Tiscali to name but many) Onnce he his online, he will be able to get to this page click here to see which one i mean.

I have been online constantly that long (years and years) - that i would forget a bit myself to be honest!


  D G 18:12 11 Oct 2004

If he's on xp he goes into network connections and there's an option to create new network connection and follow the prompts

  wotbus@ 18:17 11 Oct 2004

In a nutshell; he has to have an ISP to provide his connection! Best thing is to trawl the stores which sell PC's [not necessarily dedicated to just PC's] and choose an ISP set-up disc from one of usually several freebie disc's lying about. Another possibility is to shufti the PC mag shelf of his local papershop and see what he can turn up there. Perhaps you could help by searching online for the best deal then point him in the right direction. Good luck.

  VoG II 18:21 11 Oct 2004
  iscanut 20:51 11 Oct 2004

As others have said, as a newcomer, it's probably easiest to get a set up CD Rom with a supplier of your choice. Tescos, Tiscali ( free with most PC mags these days ) AOL ( not my choice !), Wannado ( from Dixons, PC World etc..) plus have a look at various magazine discs as there is often a selection of ISPs to chosse from. The CD will set up all the Internet settings as well as email accounts etc.

  Eastender 00:52 12 Oct 2004

Create a dial up network using 0845 1121212 any user name and any password.

  AnthonyB 15:47 13 Oct 2004

What IS that number to though Eastender?, and once he dials that up, can he (say) register for wanadoo "pay-as-you-go" then cancel that number out (don't want two dialers working at the same time).

  Noelg23 15:53 13 Oct 2004

click here never fails...I tried it when I was on dial up but didnt want to pay for an ISP as I was only using to wait for broadband to be enabled. we always told customers to go this site when I was working at BT Broadband when they didnt have a dail up ISP...and it is pay as you go...

  AnthonyB 16:09 13 Oct 2004

Cheers, Adial it is then;)

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