Internet wizard

  prozac1947 11:49 12 Apr 2003

Since having my new, slightly useless, comp - I have tried to load Internet Explorer several times.

Each time I have had several messages (usually metioning DLL)cannot download this that and the other!!! One thing it will not download is the Internet Wizard - which I would like - any ideas out there please!!

  Belatucadrus 12:23 12 Apr 2003

Could you post more info please, ie what operating system and the version of IE you are trying to install.

  prozac1947 13:24 12 Apr 2003

Hi Belatucadrus - I have tried installing Internet Explorer 6 I think it was on the disc for my modem. Operating system !!!! sorry I am quite good on the comp but still don't know what things are - sorry my ISP is Tiscali and I browse with Freeserve mmmm that's about all I know !!!

  prozac1947 13:34 12 Apr 2003

AHA - Windows Millenium ????????????????

  Belatucadrus 16:59 12 Apr 2003

click here have a look at loading the VB runtime files shown on this page, it sounds as though a DLL has been erased at some point, hopefully these will reinstall it. Then try to install IE again.
If that doesn't work you could try using IEradicator click here to delete all traces of the existing IE installation before reloading. I have heard of people having problems with IEradicator, so back up and take a restore point first should you decide to use it.

  prozac1947 19:27 12 Apr 2003

I downloaded - repaired and I have Internet Wizard !!!! Thank you, thank you Belatucadrus

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