Internet on Vista. Connects wired, not wireless..

  nick_j007 18:29 01 Jan 2009

Hoping to pop over and help a neighbour with their wireless network tomorrow.

They run Vista on a laptop and had connection problems before, and I resolved it for them (can't remember what I did now!) though it has returned a year later.

They use Orange and the router sent to them. They can get online no problem when using the hard wire, but cannot connect wirelessly.

Any suggestions for me to be getting on with please?

Thank you.

  brundle 18:36 01 Jan 2009

Router make/model?
Any lower-case letters in the encryption key?

  nick_j007 19:02 01 Jan 2009

I need to look at the WEP key tomorrow.

I have the same router here (although I don't use it as I had a 3com in use already.

Just got mine out of the box and it says underneath:

Inventel, model DV4210-WU (I need to confirm their's is the same though)

There are no lower case letters in the WEP key on the base of my Orange router. Again, I can confirm this for them soon.



  brundle 19:13 01 Jan 2009

A livebox? Two buttons on the side? click here

One or other needs pressing to allow association of new wireless devices. The livebox will remain in association mode for about 10 minutes at a time.

  nick_j007 21:38 01 Jan 2009

That's the one thank you.

Ok, I'll look at the button thing :)

  Jollyjohn 12:17 02 Jan 2009

Minor thing - is the wireless switched on on the laptop. There may be a button on the case of the laptop or it will be the Function Key + F1?

  nick_j007 15:10 02 Jan 2009

Not been over yet, but yes there is a wireless on switch on the laptop.

  nick_j007 15:11 03 Jan 2009

Resolved :)

I changed the channel and it seemed to spark up straight away!

Was on 13, went to 1.

Thanks all for looking in.


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