Internet V slow to connect

  ruskle 20:48 12 Aug 2006

I have recently moved home and kept the same phone number. I have a Linksys Wi Fi modem router which orked perfectly at the old address. Now when I switch it on in the morning it takes at least half an hour for the solid light to stop flashing and become solid and then I can access my email etc. I leave it on until night time and have no problems using the internet whenever I switch on the laptop. I have also re-installed the Tiscali supplied hard wired modem and the problem still exsists. I have posted this query on Tiscali's Broadband forum and had no luck and now the thread has dried up. I get up and switch on the router before breakfast etc so that when I start work I have a connection, this gets over the problem but is not satisfactory.

Help please.


  Jackcoms 21:47 12 Aug 2006

So you have the same problem with both a wireless connection and a hard-wired connection and this has only happened since you moved?

A few things come to mind:

Your new address may be at the limit of distance from your local exchange for a decent broadband connection. click here enter your POSTCODE only; click 'Check!' and click 'BT ADSL' to find your distance from the exchange.

The copper wiring into (or in) the house may be old and knackered. Ask BT to do a line check.

The local contention ratio may be higher than at your previous address.

  woodchip 21:49 12 Aug 2006

I leave my BB modem connected all the time

  ruskle 19:21 13 Aug 2006

I don't really want to leave the Wi Fi Modem router switched on all night, although that is an option.

The test Jackcoms suggested reads .. My line should be able to support 4.5 Mb. Standard ADSL Rag result, I can recieve upto 2Mb. I am 1.37 Kms from the exchange.

I pay Tiscali £12.99 a month for a 1Mb unlimited service and am getting 6kbps regularly using BT's speed test.

Once the line has connected I have no problems all day but would be happier if I knew why it takes upto 3/4 of an hour for the light to be solid and I can access my email or internet.
The router gives me over 24Mbps signal speed and is capable of sending a signal to my PDA when I am at the top of my lawn 25 yards away. (WPA PSK)

The following results are from my Linksys

DSL Modulation Mode: GDMT
Downstream Rate: 1152 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 288 Kbps
Downstream Margin: 25 db
Upstream Margin: 21 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: 45
Upstream Line Attenuation: 20
Downstream Transmit Power: 0
Upstream Transmit Power: 0

Any more suggestions or do I need patience.

Thanks anyway

  ruskle 21:44 15 Aug 2006

I should have said 600kbps with BT speed test, not 6kbps, sorry for the mistake. Any suggestions.

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