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  Larry Lamb 12:28 30 Oct 2005

I am having a dispute with my ISP, Karoo, I am on their 2Gb a month capped service. I choose this service since I do not download many large files only Windows updates/patches, Virus updates etc and e-mails. They claim that I downloaded 3.19Gb over three days at the beginning of this month and I am now in the "sin bin" and they will only allow me a slow dial-up connection. I have had installed Down2Home which monitors my Internet usage from first signing up with them and it reports that during the period that Karoo claim that I downloaded 3Gb I only downloaded 48Mb I took together with other screen dumps a copy of the information that Down2Home provided but they still insist that their records show otherwise. As anyone used this software to monitor their Internet usage? Can anyone suggest another software program that will monitor my Internet usage? There is only me and my wife at home she does not use my computer and no one knows any of my password details.

  Taff™ 12:31 30 Oct 2005

You don`t have an unprotected wireless router then?

  martjc 12:36 30 Oct 2005 could be spyware that is downloading stuff without your knowledge. Have you seen any unusual files on your machine? If you have, say, a connection to a porn site (whether intentional or not), you are responsible for whatever it downloads. Suggestion: do a cleanup of your HDD. Use spybot s&d and ad-aware, one after the other to remove any offensive software, malware and spyware. You my be unpleasantly surprised at what you find!

  Splork 12:36 30 Oct 2005

Strange how they link to NetMeter on their homepage yet won't accept web-usage statistics from another usage monitor. Have you run a spyware tool or two? I recommend Ewido, run it and remove it when the trial runs out. click here

Will they reveal anymore information about exactly where you are supposed to have downloaded from? Do they suggest you've been using file-sharing?

  CLONNEN 12:40 30 Oct 2005

Do you have Automatic Updates switched on by any chance? - If you left your computer on and it had an active internet connection then it could have been downloading big updates without your knowledge.

  Larry Lamb 17:07 30 Oct 2005

Sorry folks that I have not been back earlier but we have had my son and his family to visit. Yes I have a ASDL Modem/Router which as the firewall setup also security enabled and does not broadcast the SSID. When I got the letter from Karoo my first reaction was that I must have been hijacked, spyware problem etc, So the first thing I did was check my system. I have McAffee Internet Security, Windows Anitspyware installed and set to startup when I start my computer I also have AdWare, Spybot and Hijackthis I have run all of these programs and none of them showed anything that would cause any problems.

I have used Net Meter as well as Down2Home they show the same amount of downloads and uploads. **Will they reveal anymore information about exactly where you are supposed to have downloaded from? Do they suggest you've been using file-sharing?** Karoo don't even get back to me I called in to their help desk and was told that they could not deal with the matter and I would have to ring their techies, the person that I spoke to thought that there was 100Mb in a Gigabyte!!! I was told that someone would get back to me that was three weeks ago no one ever as. What I was after was another program that I could monitor my Internet usage with and had anyone else had similar problems and what was the outcome.

  Taff™ 18:26 30 Oct 2005

In my opinion - I suggest that you write a letter to their Managing Director detailing all the above. Suggest at the end that unless you hear from him within 14 days, providing more comprehensive evidence of your alledged transgression, you will be terminating your contract with them forthwith. In this respect you are showing a reasonable approach and requesting them to check their data.

You should also request details of their Customer Greivance Procedure but I think you will have already followed it. Also ask if there is an independant ombudsman that you may consult.

The next stage is to terminate the contract formally in writing and attempt to transfer your account elsewhere. We can recommend another provider that will suit your needs for £14.99 a month unlimited for your type of use. I strongly recommend that you continue paying until this point.

  Larry Lamb 19:09 30 Oct 2005

Hi Taff

Thanks for your response, I shall carry out your suggestion, the problem that we have living in this area is that Kingston Communications have a monopoly, many people in the past have written into and have had published letters complaining about Karoo (Kingston Communication's ISP) and wishing to use other ISPs but you cannot they once had a deal with AOL but even they (AOL)pulled out and so left Kingston Comms on their own. Just out of interest one of my colleagues at work who I was talking to about the problems that I am having told me that he had similar problems, he had written to them four times never got a reply and Kingston Comms even claimed he was on the Internet when in fact he had dissconnected his telephone and ASDL lines!!

If you have McAfee Internet Security, that should tell you your internet usage. (Open security Centre, Personal Firewall +, Utilities, Traffic Monitor).

Is your computer the only one connected to the router or are there others in the house using it too?

In your last post, do you mean that there are no other ISPs available in your area?

  Taff™ 20:04 30 Oct 2005

I suspected as much hence my comment about asking for details of an ombudsman. As a monopoly there must be one and believe me the mention of one will get a response even if it`s not what you want. By the way - send everything by recorded delivery - that adds a certain urgency to their situation particularly when you send them a 14 day reminder letter.

  Taff™ 20:45 30 Oct 2005

Ah yes - the biggest one click here

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