internet times out

  Pyecraft 20:22 08 Nov 2004

Since clearing some viruses and updating to SP2(disc from pcadvisor)my dial-up internet connection seems to unglue itself at will, yet I still have to manually click the connection off completely. Microsoft help only want to put me on hold (no doubt racking up some huge toll from India) and the local boys where I purchased the pc a mere (seems like years)2 months ago are only interested if I pay (virus related) or unless I sign up for their server. They've already had to install a new motherboard when at least the original one had no virus.
Anyway, anyone come across this before? Any help to stay connected will be much appreciated.

  curlylad 22:31 08 Nov 2004

You didn't say who your ISP was , I would check my Internet connections/configuration with them , if you go to their home page there should be a link to look at the correct set up.

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